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Extra Salt In Evening


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I can see where the added salt at night would help you.

The chicken broth at night is a good idea too.

I've been very sick the past few weeks with some type of GI problem and I'm pretty much living on organic chicken broth, gatorade, saltines and jello (with an occasion 'nilla wafer :D )

This way, even though I can't keep much food down I can attempt to keep my potassium and sodium up

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So true. I noticed on the nights when my heartburn was real bad, I'd chug 1/2 tsp of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in 1/2 glass of water before bed. It's the only thing that works on the heartburn sometimes.

It really helped me feel "normal" the following morning (thirsty but normal). I don't know if I should be chugging baking soda on a routine basis but I will be asking my neuro about this next visit.

Isn't it FUN when you feel better? I so appreciate feeling normal.

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The only thing with broth is that you have to be careful, because most broth has MSG in it. Sometimes it is labeled as MSG and other times it's called by a different name, like hydrolyzed vegetable protein. I drank Campbell's soup for a while, but when I switched to organic soup broth it really cut down on the headaches and nausea. Must've been from all of the MSG in the Campbell's.

The broth I now use comes in a powder. It costs about $5 per jar, but it lasts for a month or two, so it actually comes out much cheaper than Campbell's. Plus it's easier to carry than all of those cans!

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