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Melissa (sunfish) Thinking Of You


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I figure the first dark photo must have matched you mood at getting put into hospital and feeling so ill.

Ok..it's not a Sunflower--to go with SUNfish, but it kind of works, if you squint (friend took this pic, not me)

Trees down a long driveway, sign of hopeful Spring?

Squirrel on patio (You had to be feeling squirrely to get to your own BED!)

And the last photo, I hope you and your body will soon be out of this foggy state you are in :)

I am so sorry what was supposed to make you feel better gave you a bad reaction.

Hope you are able to get your insides working...I can not imagine being so young and having so much on my plate.

Wishing you good thoughts.


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How sweet Sophia! Like a Get-Well card in, and of itself. By the way, I really like your photography.

I hope the images go a long way to help Sunfish feel better. And Sunfish, I hope you realize what feisty fish your namesake is -- we had a beautiful, large specimen in a tank years ago, that we actually spanked with the net, he was such a b-u-l-l-y. Maybe it'll help you fight this latest round, Girl!

Best wishes,

rdslots (reads lots)

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many thanks sophia (and also rdslots) -

sorry it's taken me so long to respond. (today's the first day i've posted at all since the day i got home.) and when i was initially catching up i let this side of the forum go by the wayside so saw it a bit late too. but anyway...thanks for the thoughtful pics & words...they did give me a smile.

B) melissa

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