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Pots And Anxiety

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So, as many of you know here, I have been waiting for a decision from SSDI about my claim. The last time I talked to them they wanted to get a copy of my psych eval. I had to have done to get Medicaid. So I got a copy of it today and it said I suffer from anxiety due to POTS...I'm hoping that this helps my claim...Then again who knows?!

Has anyone else here benefited from having anxiety due to POTS??? Just curious of others experiences.


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hmmm.. well i think that having some anxiety is normal consisdering how and waht we deal with with pots!!

I'm not sure how to answer this.. only that it "might"help.... i say this b/c.. in my initial applying to SSDI.. my dcotors where convinced that i was a real wack job.. and they put in my records that I was possibly walking the line of having schizophrenia!!

reason being is b/c I told them that I had buzzing in my head when I stood up.. and that I saw bright colors flash before my eyes!!.. they thought I was hallucinating...and early in before I got dx with POTS.. they thru every mental health dx at me (bi-polar..that i was going thru rapid manic cycling b/c I'd sleep for days.. then have wicked insomnia and not sleep for weeks!!..) and a list of other things..

But when I had my SSDI hearing they really tried to push me on the mental health end of things and I was firm with them.. that i WAS NOT menatally ill.. and that everything that I feel is b/c of a REAL psysical condition.. and had documnetation to back me..

I guess my point is that yeah I think it might help.. "they seem" more apt to approve you if they think you have a few screws loose...

that is my opinion.. I may be a bit off on that.. and I know your not nutty.. geez i need to shut up now b/c i'm babbling.. sorry!!

again I dont know maybe other folks can chime in on this one.. but i still think that some level of anxiety is normal living with this condition is turns your life upside down!!..

and I hope that you hear from them soon on your decision.. and I hope that you hear tht you where approved and dont have to go thru a lengthy apeal process.. hang in there dear!!

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I am sure a level of anxiety is normal as our lives become so challenging and we just can't do what we want, when we want. However, I am now experiencing a level of anxiety that is not normal and just starting treatment for it. Not sure if POTS causes it, or if it was lurking there and POTS just brought it out. It is real and it is a problem, so I would include it in your submission. Good luck.

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