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Oh Yes!! Getting Iv's


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hi i forgot to mention t his and it deserves a thread of its own!!. my local cardio office called me today.. and theya re setting me up at the hospital to recieve a litter of fluids starting off at twice a week.. to see how I do on it!! YIPPEE!!. my local guy has to alk with dr.g.. but the ball is moving finally!! HOORAY!!!

I'll have to go thru the short stay unti twice a week.. but that is Ok with me.. s long as i get some fluids.. they make me feel so MUCH better!

YIPPE!! I should hepofully get hooked up friday for my first bag!

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YAY!!! So glad to hear this! You deserve a break!

Also so sorry for you ordeal at the neuro this morning.......

Feel better real soon and hope having IV fluid access helps you ;)

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