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Not Sleeping--this Time It's Just Anticipation Of Pain


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I have to have another cervical biopsy tomorrow at 3pm. Those darned gyn procedures hurt like a bugger. I never can figure out why they can't give us anything to keep us from being in pain while they get whatever tissue they require. It's just so barbaric.

I've made this joke before, but I'm again going to remind my doctor of the following:

Don't tell me it's just going to be a quick cramp--because if that turns out NOT to be true AGAIN, then it's only fair for you to share my experience by letting me snip a piece of your privates with a nailclipper. I figure the two experiences are about equal :) you'll just feel a little pinch (before you pass out screaming for pain killers).

I always get a huge adrenaline surge during the procedure (I think this is my 6th?)--I can't hear or see for the first few minutes, and my head totally pounds with my heart thump, thump, thumping in my ears. Then comes the nausea and the big red hot sweats, followed by dizziness and a crash a few minutes later as my supply of epinephrine is gone.

This is the first time I'm going to have to drive myself home afterwards, except for the first time because I was naive and stupid enough to believe the doctor who told me I'd "just feel a hard cramp" and then could go back to work. NOT... that time, I should said, "and now YOU will feel a hard KICK".

Can you tell I don't want to do this? Perhaps this would be a perfect time for some xanax? :) Darn... haven't had any of that stuff around for a very long time. Okay, that's my vent. Thanks!


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As someone who has endured countless pokings and proddings, I can empathize. If your doctor isn't willing to give you something to "relax" you, menal imagery can help. I refuse to let my doctor, etc talk to me about thevprocedure when it is going on. They may talk to me about anything else but what they are doing- this helps. As does breathing out, at the onset (as opposed to breathing in) and clearing my mind and thinking about something totally differrent. Does it keep it from hurting? No, but it does keep it from being so traumatic. I use this everyweek when my port needle is put in becaue I tend to get "anxious" (HA!) over a needle being put into my chest. But this works for me- good luck to you, Nina. You have had quite a time haven't you?


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Ugggg Nina..I feel for you. I've had the biopsy twice and the chrio (sp?) surgery once..all BEFORE my POTS kicked in. I was actually surprised with mine b/c I didn't have pain with the biopsy but the freezing of my cervical cells was NOT fun!! I had asked for pain killers before the surgery and at first the doc. said "advil should do"...but I was not going for that and demanded something with more kick and she gave me loratab.

Thank goodness b/c even with the loratab on board the "surgery" was pretty painful...horrible cramping...sounds like what you go through with the biopsy.

Seeing how you've been through this procedure multiple times...is there a reason your doc. won't give you any good meds? Or like you said..even a little Xanax would probably help...I don't see how it could interfere with the procedure.

Good luck today...I hope it's quick and as painless as possible!! :)

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That was without a doubt, one of the most painful things I've ever been through too. I had the biopsy, followed by the crio, and all that fun, fun, fun stuff too. A couple of years later, the OB/GYN wanted to do another biopsy, and by the time I made it to his office for the appointment, sat in the waiting room, took two Advil, and finally got back to the examining room, I was a total mess.

He had the audacity to walk in, take one look at me, and ask, "What's the matter?"

I feel for anybody going for a cervical biopsy! There is NO explaining what it feels like.

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I got one for ya.....when I was having a cervical bio done and feeling frightened the doc said well, I know how you feel, I just had to get a prostate check. The nurse and I just looked at each other dumb founded. Must be nice to have his reality huh?

Good luck and if you can, try to take some Advil about 40 min before you go in. They are def no fun! I've had them myself and some were fine and others made me crampy and faint feeling.

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