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New Member Here That Really Needs Advice


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Hi everyone....I dont yet know if I have dysautonomia but I think I have alot of symptoms....I also have mitralvalve prolapse so I dont know if that could be causing my symptoms...For the past 2 weeks when I stand up to get out of bed my heart feels like it is going to beat out of my chest....its awful and its giving me alot of anxiety...i took my pulse before I got up and it was about 58 and when I got up it went up to like 102 and beats very hard...if I walk around for a while it calms down but during the day when I sit and then stand my heart pounds....its not fast just very hard....Im not on any meds for this....I was on atenolol 25mg but they had to take me off of it because it makes my bp to low...I have suffered with this before a couple of years ago but then it just went away...when I had it before I was on the atenolol and I was still getting the symptoms....I feel very sick in the morning and then when that feeling goes away im starving...i recently stopped eating sugar so I dont know if that could be causing it.... sorry for such a long post but I really need some advice...

thanks and feel good,


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Guest sonotech

It sounds very possible that you could have Dysautonomia. I have heard that MVP can ALSO be related to this syndrome, so I totally agree that you need some cardio testing AND a Tilt Table Test!!

Good Luck!


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I have MVP and just got dx'd with POTS, I was born with both. A Tilt Table Test will tell a knowledgeable physician if you have POTS.

I could not tolerate atenolol.

Are you aware of the site about MVP/Dysautonomia? http://www.mvprolapse.com/ You may find it helpful or not. I have moved away from a focus on the MVP.

A recent post talked about that 'hungry' feeling, there's some validation over there.

Going off of sugar is recommended for MVP, that was a good choice. At least for the first 4-5 days or even a week, you may have sx related to this, most often a headache and or extra fatigue. It can even make you look like you have a vaginal yeast infection, but you may not. I think it's unlikely that it would increase your HR sx, but everyone is different.

If you have the extra cash ($40-50 at Walmart) and are curious you can get a blood pressure monitor and know what is going on when it happens (suggest you avoid the wrist ones.) I don't really 'feel' my tachycardia as a fast beating heart.

Welcome, Barbara! Hope you find this group helpful and funny (as in 'peculiar'!). :)

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Welcome Barbara,

It certainly could be. Have you had a tilt table test done, or at least the "poor mans test"? The last is where the dr. takes your b/p and hrate while sitting then does it while standing to see the change.

Many people experience the increase in heartrate outside of the norm, upon standing. I know I do, not always but definately in the morning and it takes quite a while before my heart settles down. There are times when moving around increases it from 80 to 130.


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