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Six day Headache


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Owwwww... I've had a headache for six days now. It's very focused on the left side of my head from my nose, through my eye and around the back of my head.... Nothing I've tried knocks it out. Ususally, my headaches respond to Excedrin but the last two afternoons I resorted to Vicodin. It helped a few hours but I just can't take more cause it'll mess up my motility.

I'm thinking this is from my Wellbutrin... anyone else have this reaction? I think I'm done with this med :)

Any advice? Any meds I should ask my doc about on Monday that might help if the headache is still there?



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Hi Roselover!

I had a HORRIBLE almost immediate headache when I took Wellbutrin that did not go away. In my case it was really severe and after 4 days I stopped the medicine and the headache was gone in about 24 hrs. I waited a couple of weeks and tried the med again at my Dr's request and I had the same thing, almost immediate very severe headache.

Obviously, I can't tell you in your case it's the medication but it sounds possible especially if that's the only new thing you've done..

Maybe call the Dr or pharmacist and see if you can either stop the med or greatly reduce the dose and see if that makes a difference.

Sorry you are having to deal with this.

I get headaches frequently now but at the time I tried Wellbutrin I hardly ever got headaches in my life so I VIVIDLY remember how awful it was.

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I am open to correction, but it completely mystifies me why anyone with POTS would be taking Wellbutrin, a stimulating antidepressant related to phenthylamine and epinephrine (adrenaline.) It's job is to increase the availability of catecholamines, dopamine and norepinephrine. It is cautioned for use in patients with anxiety, and with adjunct sympathomimetics (drugs that increase sympathetic activity, which I have been told to avoid) and contraindicated with severe hypertension. It reduces appetite. It has practically no effect on serotonin.

I don't see the point, unless some how it is intended to increase energy. Does it have some positive vascular effect?

Maybe just the hyperadrenergic POTS must avoid it, but I thought we all had trouble with excess catecholamines. Somebody please enlighten me!!

Nevertheless, Roselover, I'm sorry you are having this bad headache and I hope you find relief soon. I hope someone who loves you can give you a relaxing back rub.

I'm a little touchy about this, because my best friend went on Wellbutrin about a month ago, had a total personality change, became someone I don?t know and can?t get through to and we haven't spoken in two weeks. Very :)

:) Wellbutrin :)

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I was told and researched that both wellbutrin and lexapro help to kep the nerves functional in the long run. Basically to prevent deterioration of the nerves. Also I believe I read that haveing these neurotranmitters more redily available helps with swings and should stabablize reactions.

Il have to find the articls.


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I have had a headache off and on for a few weeks just on the right side of my head. The only meds I am on are Florinef, Toprol, and Protonix. It finally did go away.

I would defin. mention it to your doc. Hope it goes away soon.


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I went on Welbutrin about a year and a half ago for depression then found out later when I was having bad symptoms , it was a also indicated for treatment of NCS. I am on the full dose and I can say it has def helped the depression. I still have my days with that but it is much better. Now since I started it before my ncs symptoms flared majorly I'm not sure if it helps the ncs but if anything I would like to increase the dose. I do disagree with the commercial that says it has a low incidence of a certain side effect, but with everything else I'm on and the NCS/POTS etc, it may not be it's fault. If you have had a 6 day headache stop taking it!! call doc and tell him what you're doing and just observe if it gets better. no one should have a 6 day headache!! I'm so sorry for you!!

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Wellbutrin was prescribed by Dr. Grubb. I think he preferrs Cymbalta, but started with Wellbutrin because it not only helps with the norepiniphrine uptake, it also is supposed to help with fatigue and sexual dysfunction.

I was told to very slowly decrease the wellbutrin and wean into cymbalta. Slowly decrease wellbutrin means take one the first day and two the second day and one the third day and so on. I really don't want to take two because of the headaches. Yesterday with one, I still had it and it was bad for a while, but better in the evening- which seems to say that missing the second dose really helped.

I'd hate to mess myself up more by not following instructions, but I dread taking two today.

Be Still: If you read on the Pots Place site of what helps, you'll see a description of Wellbutrin... I guess it does help some people. I really don't understand all this catecholomines and "reuptake" and why we would take something that inhibits reuptake... all the terms confuse me... but I am trying to trust those who are most knowledgeable and this was one thing Dr. G wanted me to try!

So... on to Cymbalta :lol: I am very nervous about the posibility of nausea. I am getting gunshy of meds - everyone makes me sicker. After Cymbalta, they are suggesting the Procrit like others have tried. I guess you have to go through the process of ruling out the simpler drugs before trying the more unusual ones.

About calling my doc... I WILL on Monday - she was out sick last week.

BTW- I took my Wellbutrin about 2 hours ago... the headache is coming on again just now... UGH.

Thanks for all your support and info.


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Thanks for pointing me to the "What helps" section of POTS Place, I see the Wellbutrin there and it is used to increase energy. It also mentions that it's a CNS stimulant, and that's what throws me because I don't tolerate stimulants, though others here can use them, caffeine for example. Every day's a school day . . .

I hope you feel better soon!

:lol: headaches :ph34r:

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Guest Mary from OH

According to the PDR, 10% of people stop taking Wellbutrin because of the side effects. And, YES, headaches AND migraines are both side effects of Wellbutrin. I would call your prescibing dr and let them know your troubles. I'm sorry you're in so much pain!! :D I know how much headaches/migraines can stink!! :( From what you're describing, you may be experiencing migrianes from the medicine. I would call your dr tomorrow FOR SURE!! Migraines are nothing to mess around with!

Love you Melanie!! Hope your poor head feels better soon!

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