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chest pain so bad I thought I would die:

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All day long, it has been relentless. I have been physically sick with this pain. I have cried with it. I have been virtuallly unable to move for about 8 hours now. I rang the out of hours doctor and he told me it was indigestion. (I have hardly eaten all day).

This is the SAME out of hours guy who told me 2 weeks ago to pretend that my 20 collapses in a day hadn't happened, and that really, I was ok! (The paramedics later told me my pulse was 250++, so I was right to be worried). So I'm stuck here in no man's land- dunno what to do.

I'm convinced something is very wrong, and if I could get to the hospital, have them see it and record it, then maybe I would find out what this is (I really don't know if it's just pots)...but last time I went, it was 2 hours before anyone even SPOKE to me.

I really don't need this, with 14,000 words to write within the next 3 weeks.

What would you do if you were me, other than kill yourself?

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Persephone--can you call 9-1-1 9an ambulance to take you to the hospital ?? here in the US.. if you call an ambulance to take you to the ER.. the hospital docs have to see you as a priority.. at least that is how its suppose to go.. I dont know how things work in the UK..

but the pain sounds horrible.. and I'd hate for there to be something terribly wrong with you and to not have you seen at the least.. is your heart rate up hihgn again? if that on call doc is so stupid as to ignore so very obvious signs that something is wrong.. I would ignore his advice of ignoring it and get your self to a hospital NOW!!!

i totally understand your feeling about not wanting to go..but Persephone chest pain like you are talking about is nothing to ignore.. si there somebody who can come help you till the paramedics arrive or something?? I'm concerned about you!! please let us know how you are later ok..

that is what I would do Persephone if I were you.. go to the ER NOW!!!

HUgs to you dear


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After five years I still have daily ,severe chest pain. I no longer cry with it because I know its not going to kill me but it is hard to live with . No one has ever been able to diagnose it ..in spite of many tests . That being said you need to go to the nearest ER and make it clear you have severe chest pain . That should get you priorised and at least an ECG.

Once you are over this episode just keep insisting that your doc do everything necessary to rule out things like cardiac syndrome X,or eosophogeal spasm, I wish I had some answers for you.


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Hi everyone,

It's eased a bit; so long as I don't stand up, it isn't too bad. When I went to hospital last time, it was in an ambulance, and they said my blood pressure was non existent, my pulse was 250++ BUT I didn't see a doctor til 4am- having got there at midnight! A random nurse who didn't speak english did an ECG at 2am, and spoke to me for the first time then. When my pulse set off alarms on the monitors, they sauntered over and disconnected the leads so the noise would disappear!

I didn't opt for the hospital this time as I'm pretty sure that the stress of going up ther will make this worse. I'm still up at 5.05am (as you can tell!) as I'm not ready to sleep yet- but in a few hours, I will call my very nice GP and tell him what's going on, and see what he suggests. He is a sweetie. He EVEN understands that stress contributes to, but doesn't cause the POTS. A rare gem indeed. He was Stephen Hawking's GP during his time in Oxford.

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I had chest pain like last week that was awful. It was like with every heart beat or every breath in...got hard to tell. But it was stabbing and radiated down my left arm, around my chest and in my neck and jaw. It was miserable. Mine Came and went for several days...And I still dont konw what it was. I went to the ER and they ignored me for three hours and I left. I did see my cardiologist days later who ran an ECG and all was fine. So I dont know but it definately was scary and miserable. Mine only got bad for 15-45 minute bursts and then would die down to intermittant stabbing w/ general aches... fun...

Let us konw what you find out...

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