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PMS for over a month?


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Hi folks I dont know who to talk to about this or where i should post it ..sooo I'm posting it here..

I'm wondering.. for over a month more like a month and a half.. I have felt like I've had like PMS going on no-stop..I'm very emotional..(meaning that i cry at the drop of apin) and my moods are kind of all over the map..and my breast are sore!! they have been hurting for a while...I havent had a period since december.. though before that I bled and had a period from august to the beginning of december.. and for a good 10yrs.. my cycles are HIGHLY IRREGULAR!! i can go 3-15 months w/o having a period.. so being irregular isnt to unsual for me...and other things..

the thought crossed my mind that maybe I was pragnant..but a blood test showed that not to be the case...so now I'm wondering if I've got a hormonal imbalance going on from something.. but I dont know what that something is...i tried talking to my doc about it.. the other day.. and that resulted in "its not PMS it must be something else.. that something else being a mental health problem!! GRRRRRR :):):angry: ..I do not have a mental health problem.. last time I knew a mental health problem does not casue your breast to hurt... and your feet to hurt like ****!!

I'm very frustrated..and I dont feel good.. and I'm grumpy and snappy..you know the only way I can describe what I'm feeling. is like I'm having PMS.. I know that my pots has gotten severely more worse then it was even at the first of the yr. the past 6-7 weeks.. I've felt really really potsy and cant find the cause or the link..

i go see an endo crinologist tomorrow.. i'm hoping that she has some input.. b/c I'm normally not a basket case...

I dont know I feel kinda goofy posting about this.. but i feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride that has no end in sight!! and pots is worse now then i think it has even been before..even in 2002 when I got severly symptomactic.. I think its worse now then it was then.. and there is no know cause reason for it..nobody can tell me why i'm paralysising now when I pass out.. and its scary.. but didnt you all know the medical people think I am CRAZY! my Bp bottoms out.. but ehy that is ok.. I have sever pain thru out my body but hey didnt you know that is ok too!.. my tummy hurts terribly.. but apparenlty that is all in my head too!! i puke my guts out and cant eat for days at a time.. but that is OK!! its normal!!


HELP!!! everybody thinks i'm crazy!! but I really am not!! anybody who really knows me Knows i'm not crazy .. a little goofy yeah.. (in a good way).. but I'm not crazy!! I think that it is safe to say that i'm alittle depressed.. who wouldnt be if your body was doing things that nobody can explain why its doing it!! and i think its a normal reaction considering thing!!

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Yep, pretty understandable to have some depression when something is definitely wrong but no one can give you answere other than you are imagining the sxs. The endocrinologist sounds like a good idea. Some "hormone" problems are related to the endocrine system so maybe you will get some good bloodwork out of the visit. Boo to your gynecologist for not taking you seriously. Hope you get some answers soon!


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Hey Diz,

I can sure relate to the never-ending PMS feeling. I haven't had it as long as a month, but i've come close at times. I'm working on a week and half right now. One time I told a doctor that i had PMS for 2 weeks and she wrote in my chart that she had to "explain to patient that PMS cannot last two weeks." Like I'm imagining it. Well, i say if you have PMS symptoms for a certain length of time, then you have PMS for that length of time! You could call it PrePMS if you want, but it still feels the same :blink:

Anyway, it is natural to feel a little depressed when you feel like you can't get any answers and it feels like no one is listening. The problems that you are dealing with are life-altering in every sense!! I understand your tiring search for docs that can help. It is a tough battle. Hang in there...


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I hope your feeling better, but if not your not alone. I have had many doctors tell me it was all in my head.

but you know what, SHAME ON THEM.

We know how you feel, some doctors have no bed side manners. Other doctors write a perscription to shut you up and too few really care. Thanks to the ones who care.

Stress can mess with your body too, so if your tests come back normal don't fret. When your body doesn't do what you need or want it to of course your PMSing.

I hope you find the answers your looking for.


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Well I feel exactly what you do and the last time was over a month, and then I woke up with panic/night sweats, a new addition to my symptoms. Usually I just wake up in a lovely panic of palpitions and shaking. But I am 47 and am definetly peri-menopausal. I am still being referred to a gyn for it. Your symptoms sound hormonal to me, just keep pushing till you get an answer. Let me know what they say! I haven't even had the energy this week to call the doctor then call for a referall. I cry everyday anyway, at the thought of anything emotional! I have quit smoking for the 2nd time in 2 years so that's probably part of it but jeez.... I am known to just break out in tears and grab the tissue. "There she goes again, Mom please stop", are some of my dear childrens' responses. Oh well. Good Luck! PS. There is something called premenstrual disphoric dysfunction or something like that that were it feels like your'e going crazy! I have at times felt like throwing all the dishes against the wall. :) Maybe I need something!

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