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Blood Poolin In Your Legs?

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I Google POTS and then go look at the footnotes and go to the studies. I was reading the following and went to the footnotes, but the following is clearer...Blood pooling in the calves was measured simply by measuring the calves after laying down for and hour and then standing up and measuring again in 10 minutes (wonder how many paased out, dont think I can make it ot 10 min)

I did this and WOW I never realized my calves grew when I stood up........


There are several hypothesized causes of NMH and POTS relevant to CFIDS; regardless of the cause, all lead to inadequate blood circulation that may reduce the amount of blood getting back to the heart and brain. Patients may have low blood volume throughout the body17,18,19 or their blood may pool excessively in the extremities10,11 or both.

When healthy people stand, gravity causes about 750 ml of blood to fall to the abdomen and legs, resulting in a decrease in blood flow to the brain.20 In patients with POTS, cerebral blood flow decreases more prominently while standing.21 In one study of adolescents, the amount of blood that pooled in the legs was highest in CFIDS patients and second highest in POTS patients, as determined by measuring the circumference of their calves while lying down and again while standing.7

When the heart receives less blood from the limbs during standing, the brain releases chemicals and alters the pulse and blood pressure in an effort to get the blood flowing upwards again. When this chemical response is accentuated, as in NMH and POTS, patients can develop a rapid heart rate (tachycardia), low blood pressure (hypotension) and orthostatic symptoms (see "Types of OI" above). CFIDS patients can have either NMH or POTS, and some have both conditions.

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yeah I know mine pool too they begin to change color almost instatnly upon standing or sitting up. and I've had this since I can rememebr at the about 11-12 yrs old and always wondered why my legs would turn purple... now i know why!!!

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yea, I can tell by the coloring as well..though when I feel more ambitious, I may dig out my measuring tape and try this tip.

Oh, Dr. Streetens book from years ago, had gruesome photos, if I remember correctly about huge swelling in legs.

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I know I must have blood pooling but my legs do not swell or turn colors no matter how bad I feel or pass out. I tried the measuring thing and its the same. I am thin (and am beginning to lose too much weight) but I would think I would still have discoloration. My dr checks my ankles at every visit and shakes her head. she can't figure it out either.

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Thanks, Janine. Could you post or PM me the link? I would love to read the study.

Looking back, one of my first hints was walking around in Florida on a hot, hot day. My legs must have swelled because I broke all sorts of little blood vessels at my knee-high hose line. That never happened before, but it was really hot. It happened after that only when it was hot and I stood a long time. My heart had not started to tach on me, but my legs must have been swelling.

I am beginning to think that one difference between the artery and vein problems is the leg color. The bluer they get, the more it is veins. I must be an "artery type" because I don't get blue, but I swell a bit. I also think after reading about the alpha adrenergic system (associated with arterial constriction) that the old ladies like me who get this later in life might be dealing with the way hormones (or lack thereof) affect the alpha adrenergic receptors. I will study up and post more.

Anyway, I would love the study or article.


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