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Abdominal Ultrasound Scheduled

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Hi I forgot to post the other day that my Gasto. wanted me to have another ab. ultrasound, because it has been 3 years since my last one. On every ct scan, ultrasound, etc. it comes up that I have an enlarged liver (think its the lobe to be exact). So my doc just wants to check on that. What else does an ultrasound look for? I forgot to ask my doc, I've had them so many times you'd think I know what they do look for. :)

Also, I'm curious as to what an enlarged liver is caused by, if anyone might have an idea!


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Let's see. I've had an abdominal US. I'm trying to remember. I think they see the liver, the gallbladder, the kidneys, the small and large intestines, uterus, ovaries,any fluid buildup and anything else that doesn't belong there. It's probably not as clear as when they do a CT scan with contrast. A CT scan is an X-ray I think.

Maybe I left something out.

If you are concerned about what causes an enlarged liver, you can probably google "enlarged liver" to see what comes up.

Let us know what happens.

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Hi Jacquie;

I was recently in the hospital for severe right side abdominal pains. The doctors thought it was my gall bladder. They did a Abdominal CT Scan as well as an Abdominal Ultrasound. The reasoning for these tests were because my blood testing showed that my protein levels and bilirubin level was high. The doctors were worried that there was a problem with my liver.

The test showed no abnomalities and my liver and gall bladder were normal size. After talking to my doctor about why my levels would be high and what they were looking for with my liver he told me some pretty interesting things.

He told me that the liver is a very busy organ. It filters and processes everything the body takes in and also helps process excess hormones our body makes. It importantly processes all the medications you take orally. Another is the production of bile, which is made to break down food in the stomach. Receptors throughout the body send messages to the liver to do what it needs to do. With this all being said, the liver is really a very sensitive organ.

It affects surrounding organs such as stomach, gall bladder, speen, pancreas, as well as adrenal glands. So with any malfunction the liver could be an affect or be affected by problems with these other organs. It is like a vicious circle.

There can be many reasons why your liver is enlarged. It sounds like your doctor has a handle on it since he is doing regular testing. Is he also doing blood testing in conjunction with the CT scans and Ultrasounds?

Sorry this may be a very vague explanation. Your liver may be enlarged by a bacterial infection, overworked because the body is very stressed, or it may be caused by one of the medications you are taking. Your doctor should have these answers with the testing he does. If it were extremely serious, you would be feeling it and would most likely be in a hospital right now. The most common outside sign of problems with your liver are a yellowing color of your skin or in the "pink areas" of the eyes. Keep an open communication with your doctor.

I hope all is well with you and your testing. Take care.

KathyP :)

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hi jacquie -

i don't have an enlarged liver but have a benign tumor of sorts in my liver (hemangioma) so have to have scans periodically to make sure it hasn't changed. the enlarged liver may or may not mean anything...in other words what seems "enlarged" may be your normal. chances are if it's been the same for awhile and all of your blood work is okay all is well. that said, it's great that you're getting follow-up in order to make sure. that's why i do the same.

so...bottom line is that i wouldn't be worried but it is good you're having the follow-up testing done.

B) melissa

kathy -

i'm sorry to hear you were recently hospitalized. one thing stuck out to me though re: things you mentioned about your stay, testing, etc. you said that gallbladder problems were suspected but that tests were okay but you did not mention having a hydascan done? did you have one? if you didn't and you're still having problems i would definitely recommend it. just b/c a gallbladder is of normal size/appearance doesn't mean it's FUNCTIONING properly; that is the purpose of the hydascan test. myself and several others on the site have had miserably low GB functioning revealed from a hydascan test and subsequent relief of at least some symptoms following GB removal. obviously i can't say if this applies to you but just thought i would at least mention the test to you in case you're still struggling.

of course i hope all is well & that you're feeling much better,

B) melissa

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