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I have asthma and cannot use albuterol and xopenex. I have tried a few times and my heart really races. Once I took a treathing treatment and my heart rate was up for half a day. I also cannot tolerate Singulair. It also makes my heart race. Do any of you have asthma? What do you take for it? Right now I'm on inhaled steroids only. Thanks.

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Sorry you are having trouble with your meds. I have asthma and just picked up a prescription for Xopenex yesterday. I only get really jittery with Albuterol, but my heart doesn't race. I don't like the feeling I get, though. I'm actually starting Singulair today, so I don't know how that will affect me yet.

How high does your heart rate get? Is it a steady increased rate, or are you having periods of tachy that come and go?

Wish I could be more helpful.


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I have POTS and asthma and multiple allergies--food and hay fever type. I have worked with a good allergist for more than 10 years to get a program that works.

I cannot use any of the "puffers" because the propellants give me asthma. Also manyof the drugs would make my heart race. I also take a beta blocker for POTS and taking beta blockers is not recommended for asthma patients. However in my case I need that beta blocker and with my current allergy control program I manage the beta blocker fine.

The trick to living with allergies with POTS is to have those allergies under control ALL the time and not treat them only when you have symptoms. Here is the program that works for me:

Claritin tab with breakfast--taken year round, every day

Singulair before bed--taken year round, every day

Pulmincort (one or two inhales morning and night) Taken almost year round. This helps my lungs reaction to breathing cold air in winter and helps forstall asthma symptoms in spring and fall. It helps keep down inflamation in the lungs and prevent asthma rather than treat symptoms.

Astelin (once or twice a day) for the nasal hay fever type symptoms

Nasacort (Once a day if the astelin alone does not provide complete relief of nasal symptoms)

Zantac 75 once a day in evening to help block histimine in stomache

Benedryl I carry this with me everywhere. If I get stung by a bee or eat the wrong thing, I immediately take one.

Muncinex -- Time release guavasin. Any morning that I get up and my head feels stuffy, especially in winter when it is dry and mucas thickens that might block the sinuses.

Atrovent -- I know this is one of those puffers. I have never used it, but my doc has me carry it around in my purse just in case. I have been carrying one around for at least 6 years. My daily control program is so good, it is very rare to have breakthrough symptoms and even if I did I would try benedryol before the atrovent. I am advised to use this only if I think I am going to die because I can't breathe.

Keep in mind that I also have multiple chemical sensitivities. I feel fortunate to have such a helpful allergist who takes an interest in finding me the least problematical meds for me.

It took 10 years with the help of my allergist for my current program to evolve to what it is today. It takes trial and error with any given individual to find what works best. The goal is always to have the allergies under such good control that "rescue" drugs are never necessary. Once you arrive at this goal, then stay with the program. The biggest mistake people make is to treat allergies as a seasonal problem or only treat allergies when there are symptoms.

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i do not have "real" asthma but have a propensity to it if my allergies get out of control and/or if i have an infection. that's how my allergist has put it though he knows it's unofficial wording. :D

i have taken singulair without difficulty though it did nothing for my allergies so we discontinued it.

i take clarinex daily & use flonase twice a day. i've taken allegra, claritin, & zyrtec without problems as well; it's a matter of insurance as i cannot tell much difference. though the zyrtec can make me a bit sleepy...i take it as needed at night.

i have had to use various inhalers when i've had infections and they HAVE given me trouble with tachycardia. at the time breathing was more important but there's no way i could tolerate them on a daily basis.

i'm sure you know this, but beta blockers can be problematic for those with asthma.

i take a small dose of a beta blocker & did have to stop my allergy shots to do so as it was too risky, particularly as i had had a scary reaction to one of my allergy shots as well.

i too use benedryl as needed. it wipes me out so i can only take small doses (unless emergent of course).

i'm not sure if any of this is of any use as it's more allergy than asthma related but i've already rambled so might as well send it on.

hope you get some answers soon,

B) melissa

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I was treated for waht they thought was astma for quite some time (it actual was restrictive lung disease! big mistake there in dx's!!)... but Iwas on all sorts of inhalers..albuterol being the worst of them.. and them nebulizer treatments are a real blast as well..

those 2 things makes me SOO wired its unreal. they make my heart beat much faster.. and I refuse to use them anymore..for tis reason.. there is a new inhlaer out though that is suppose to not have the sideeffects of jitter andrapid heart trate.. Xopenex.. the ER doc told me that its a new inhaler.. and that i mightreact better to it.. (but i have not tried it yet--its still stuck to the frdige door!)

i dread having a bad flare w/ breathing problems or when I get bronchitus (about 4 times a yr..) and have to get breathing treatment and use inhalers to help get ove r the hurdle.. UGH!!

but yeah I've been on all the neds.. hope that you find something to help you

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Right now I take 2 puffs of Pulmicort each night. If I catch a cold I immediately take 2 each morning also. The problem is that it takes a few days for the benefits of the extra puffs to kick in and by then I'm very wheezy. I also take allergy shots. I used to take a pill similar to singulair but my allergist wanted to switch to the Pulmicort because the pill had to be taken on an empty stomach twice a day. I also use Rhinocort nasal spray every night.

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