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Strange feelings in left arm


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I have had a rough week and I started gettings strange sensations in my left arm. I get the feeling like someone is pouring warm water down my arm. I have also had minor pains in my arm. I know that pains can be a sign of a heart attack, but these are very minor pains (and I am young) so I am not too worried. I also saw a cardiologist last week and had an exam, including an EKG and everything was "fine." The pains have now gone away, but the warm feeling is still sometimes there, and it is creepy. I am thinking these are "just" POTS symptoms, but wanted to ask if anyone else had them.


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It could be any number of things--could be muscle spasms, could be a pinched nerve, could be a side effect of a medication, etc. Hard to say, but as usual, if it doesn't go away, it's something to check with your doctor about.


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