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update on my son, daughter & I

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I am going to be brief as I am still waiting for referral to the new Dr. I mentioned in my last post & I am having a major autonomic crash.

My 10 yr old son had his appt. today. His diagnosis was NCS. Unlike, his 18 year old sister an I he leaned more towards bradycardia than tachycardia. They want us to journal symptoms & fluid intake. In the meantime, we need to find a pediatric specialist for this; so he can have further testing & begin medication.

If anyone has suggestions for a doctor for him in WI, please let me know.

My 18 yr old daughter who shares this condition has been scheduled for surgery, a laparoscopy, on March 22

As with her prior surgeries they will be monitoring her more closely and managing her anesthesia & medication differently because of the condition.

Other than that, I have a fever, sinus infection, and a miserable toothache.

Take Care to ALL!

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Hi Faith,

I'm sorry that you all are going through this but I hope by your son knowing what is going on now, that they can help give him the right treatment.

Your daughter will be fine with the lap procedure. Usually those are not as long as regular surgery and good that they are aware and will be montioring her closely.

I hear ya on the sinus infection. I have a kicking head cold that is in my sinuses and I can't hear too boot also. This bites!!!!

Feel better. :D

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You've certainly had a full plate in the past few months. I hope your daughter's surgery goes well. I've had several laparoscopies over the years, and here's what I've learned:

It takes me about the double the time to recover than what's the average

Ice packs did a great deal of good when combined with the meds my doctor gave me for pain postoperatively

I was very symptomatic for the days that followed the surgery--about a week of flare up in all

I needed to remind myself not to overdo it during the brief moments that I felt almost normal--overdo-ing always would set me back on my recovery timeline.

Good wishes to your family. Nina

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