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Macrobid for blood in urine?


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Ok, I rarely take antibiotics as they make me sick

I have a yeast infection and we think it may have irritated things to cause a bit of blood in urine.

But if the burning isn't gone by monday and I still have blood in the urine, they want to put me on Macrobid at the gyn office.

They CAN send out a culture.

Should I demand this or just suffer thru the macrobid to stop this burning/blood in urine?

I know a culture could lead to suggestion of newer more expensive antibiotics. I am thinking of emailing my ANS doc but didn't want to bother him if I could get some answers here.

But this feeling like a lit match when you empty your bladder is no picnic either.

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Macrobid is a very mild abx...... And if you truly do have an infection the only way to get rid of it is to take a course of abx.... The alternative could be the infection getting worse and making your POTS worse...

Usually the treatment is only 10 days or less which is not a long time either......

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thanks for the quick replies...I went ahead and emailed my doc and he emailed right back it was ok to take this med...not as potent as some other systemic drugs.

Yikes. but this burning...oy vey! Thanks for the feedback.

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There is something I can't remember the name you can buy over the counter at walmart or walgreeen for the pain. It really helps. When my grandmother was in the nursing home (very alert and mobile just couldn't stay by herself and refused to stay with us, ie burden yada yada) she had infection every month. I asked if she could be put on cranberry extract capsules, buy at walmart, and she never had another one in 4 years. the nurses were impressed enough to ask the drs and family's to try it on the other residents and they saw a 90% drop in UTI's. Gram used to to drink alot of water, in fact only water and milk. The cranberry extract has a lot more of the chemical in it than what you can drink so I would suggest the capsules even if you like the juice. I did just read if you take a drug that you can't take grapefuit juice with you should nt take any tart juice. Don't know if capsules would interfere.:-)

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I'm SOOOO with you on this. I'm in the middle of a UTI myself and I'm really scared. I've already had a seven day course of Bactrim DS which really only worked for about 3 days. It is now 5 days after stopping the abx, and it's back. I feel awful. (Understatement) I'm heading back to the doctor today to get something.

I'm with you. We'll suffer through this together. Misery loves company. Yikes!!! I hate being sick!!!!

I hope you have a speedy and uneventful recovery.

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The over the counter med you want is "AzoTabs" Urinary Tract Analgesic, it is really good at helping with the pain before the antiobiotic kicks in. You just don't want to take it before going to doc cuz it does something that they can't get a good culture and they can't check white count in urine. I think. There is a similar med that is rx only but I think it is just a stronger version of same. You should always ask for a culture cuz you can be wasting time taking the wrong med and a culture will tell them which is best. Cranberry juice stops the ecoli which is the usually culprit from attaching itself to your urinary tract thus stoping the progression of an infection. My daughter had alot of UTI's first one at 2 and was diagnosed with reflux grade 3. She outgrew it but you learn alot. No tub baths, cranberry juice with a snack before bed are 2 good habits. Cranberry juice can give you an acid stomach so eat something with it.


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I hear you on these things...I am still trying to figure out if it is indeed UTI or severe irritation from yeast and not the medicine I used doing it's thing.


My room mate went to the store and got me some Uristat. It helps with burning and it turned my urine orange and then a deep red (said it might do this) It helped some but then didnt'

That leaves me to believe it isn't the urined itself burning -all the time as it empties out...but if it hits, uh, certain irritated skin..if you get my points.

BUT it was great to drink 3 glases or water and Gatorade after I took this stuff and I finally got out of bed for an hour and 15 minutes!

But you girls that go through this stuff with ANY regularity have my EMPATHY and SYMPATHY. This bladder stuff ain't for sissies. But then again, neither are yeast infections and have gotten them my whole life...get them now due to estrogen dominance and I don't always remember to take my prometrium at the right time of month...since the "female time" now varies by a few days.

I am glad to hear from my doctor and you guys that Macrobid is tolerable. I think I remember the name Bactrim, when I worked in an ob-gyn office. But I think tha is a sulfa drug and would want to stay away from that as well.

Thank you again for your responses.

Perimenopause....Just have to roll with the punches, I guess.

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I don't know what is going on..Intermittent.....sometimes it's still burning and other times the urine just feels "hot".

I am going back for a check- the -urine deal on Monday. Thankfully its a 90 second drive for me.

I hope you are doing ok. :D

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I have a "mysterious" bladder issue that causes similar problems as you....burning, pelvic cramping into lower back, Hot urine etc etc....

I have had tons of tests done...everything inconclusive.....

My urologist feels its the Lyme bacteria that has invaded my Urinary tract or Interstial cystitis....

I take batrim to stop the problem and it works...

BTW: Theres a good forum for IC... I believe its www.ic-network.com

Lots of good info.

Feel Better :)

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