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Feeling others emotions


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I was thinking last night as I could not sleep cause I was so darn uncomfortable that those of us with dysautonomia sure are in tune with our bodies. I mean we have to be able to adjust at any moment becasue we can feel our pulse or bp or something else going a little arry....I know I am constantly doing things to adjust my body...deep breaths, a fidget here and there, a cold drink, etc.

Plus some of us are affected by barometric pressure, and nearly all of us are affected by temperature etc..

I also notice that if someone around me has a strong emotion...I can feel it. It is hard to explain but I can kind of feel it radiating off of them and into me... I thought perhaps this comes from years and years of being so organically involved in my own bodies processes....(like knowing that now is not a good time to hold my urine or breathing steady and concentrating on my heart beat when I am about to LOC so that it will help my heart speed up...since I can't physcially control my heart...etc.)

Anyone else get this??? Just a thought...

It can be kind of cool, but also draining.

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Guest tearose

I'm careful who I share this with... :) ...yes, I do feel very "in tune" with people and what they are feeling. It is like another dimension, an additional "sense".

I also agree that we have had to learn to be in tune with our own changing body states and this probably has contributed to our ability!

I sometimes refer to myself as "oscillating at a high frequency". :)

I just am careful not to drain myself or burn out when I am in this high energy zone!

Hope you can tune out and get some sleep tonight!

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YES! To being intuitive to others.

Often I pick up something from a person that nobody else does. A few times a year, I have a dream about somebody I haven't seen in years...then I hear they are in hardship or something.

I am not a psychic and don't believe in that stuff but sometimes my being in tune with others is scarey. I knew when I met my room mates brother and his wife years ago, there was something "off". They were nice people but seemed to lead independent lives. Or the wife did and her family was ALWAYS dropping by like it was their house.

I just felt even though we laughed a lot when together, all was not well, Within 6 months they were separated and got back together and then finally divorced. All saw the little signs (normal to most people all along) and the divorce came as no surprise to me. But it did to others.

I think it is strong female intuition...but now "psychics" use the word "intuitive". I watch how I use the word now so as not to offend OR give off the wrong impression.

It's like a strong sense of empathy and kinda sorta ESP but NOT really.

But I have a friend who is an identical twin and several times over the years when her sister has injured herself, she would feel pain in her leg of back and find out later, her sister had gotten injured in another city.

And when her sister got pregnant, she was nauseated for a couple of days even after she found out her sister was pregnant. So after the fact you can say she "Imagined it or it was psychosomatic". But what about before she found out?

The brain and human spirit is a powerful thing we do not understand.

However, I do not believe I have ever been abducted by space aliens.

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Wow, great topic,

I have a really strong sense of empathy, always have.

The mind, body, spirit thing has always facinated me.

I found the higher frequency thing while doing deep meditation. No space aliens tho sometimes i feel like one.

I will hush now before I am declared insane :)


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yea, I don't share this w/ folks either. I can imagine the response.. It is like when someone feels strong emotion I can feel it...If it is my husband I cant control how it affects me and I start sobbing too...If it is a cat or my daughter or a client or another family member I just feel it radiating and I can like feel it...who knows...

no space aliens though..lol

When I am on top of things I can focus on what I am feeling and sort of channel calming energy back...it works on my pets and daughter and clients... weird but true.

I had a client tell me two days ago that they would only talk to me because I somehow always magically calmed them down and they felt happy afterwards... (and we are just talking software support...)

I have really enjoyed reading peoples posts on this one!

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Yes, Yes, Yes

I can feel my husbands tension as I lay beside him in bed at night. He will never share his feelings but I can sure feel them, anger, frustration whatever it is I feel it. I think it makes me sicker.

Being a nuse I've always been in tune with others feelings and needs. Don't know if it is something I learned or was born with.

When a family member is hurting, I obsess to the point I can't sleep.

Feeling my children's pain is the worst.


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Ok Ill fess up.....

I can see auras. I have always been able to. It became stronger after my daughter was born in 1986. I practice Reiki and I am a medical intuitive although I dont practice on a large scale.

I keep a dream log and it shows Im very intuitive.

I believe in earth bound spirits and spirits from beyond , (insert ghostly noise here). I never tried to prove it to anyone but everyone who knows my has no doubt I am a magnet for wayward spirits.

So there, if I can share my puking and bowel habbits with you all I can share this too!



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dare i go out on this limb so quickly after becoming a forum member? why not? (gulp!)

i see auras, not really strong, just impressions. i can feel another's energy/emotion radiating off of them in waves, especially when it's strong. i also do reiki, though i've not been formally trained. i've just always been able to do it. wish i could do it on myself and get rid of all these darn dx's you see beneath.

i used to be a therapist (about 10 years on & off) and it came in handy, but would be VERY VERY draining, because there was usually some heavy emotional stuff going on there. now i'm going into nursing, which i find more physically demanding. the waves of pain or discomfort i feel from my patients motivate me to try to help them, where in counseling it was all about the client trying to help themselves. nursing is more rewarding to me in this manner. although i'm having a heck of a time meeting the physical demands lately :)

it's weird, i was thinking about starting a thread asking others how they were feeling (emotionally) just the other day, now this post from you......way cool! i've also always been off the charts intuitive. again, mostly helpful, but i think sometimes the sheer input my mind receives can be overwhelming.

i also dream journal and am amazed when i read a dream i had that has happened that day. i also have shared dreams with others (we have the SAME dream that is) i have a bond with (sometimes an unknown bond) James Bond?

i guess i can be voted off the island now. LOL what do you do when you feel that energy from someone?

love and light


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perhaps voted onto the island!! lol

wow, depends on who it is....

If it is a client then I focus on how that energy makes me feel and purposefully radiate the opposite..

Like frustration, helplessness...then I try and radiate understanding and love basically

if it is my husband, I can't. I am totally helpless...I just go under...

My daughter and animals...same as clients basically...I try and radiate or send the opposite of what I feel off of them. I used to be able to get my daughter to sleep this way. lol

If it is a stranger on the street?? I just walk away. Takes too much energy.

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