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Dreaded letter from SSDI


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It's just a 6 question thing. Are you better, same, worse. Have you been in the hospital. Have you seen a doctor since 2/04? Come on....Where do they come up with this stuff. I've seen a million doctors a million times, been in the hospital twice, had more barbaric tests, blah blah blah. Do you ever just have those days that just keep coming, and feel like they are never going to let up? Remember when I could be funny.

I got a 120 bill from when the P.T. came to tell me he wouldn't see me because i am too weak. 120 for a 2 minute visit. To tell me good bye. sigh notamerrymorgan

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What you have, is it where you check in a box with pencil?

If so, that is GOOD NEWS. Just fill out the best you can and send it in.

If you attach notes or write in notes in a special box, it will be kicked out of the computer. It is designed to be read by a computer. I was stupid enough to get one of these and by the time I asked questions at the disinissues sight, I had already filled in scads of notes.

This prompte a long form one month later followed by TWO LONGER FORMS a couple months after that requiring DAILY LIVINGS Questionnaire and I forget what else.

So just fill the boxes in with 'x's and leave the rest blank.

Oh, where it ask you to right in your dx in the little boxes, just put as many letters as you can into the box, like depression, fatigue, tachycardia.

with Soc Sec Disability, depression can 'be your friend' on some of this paperwork. The opposite is true if on LTD from a job.

If this ISN"T the short questionnaire you recieve, please disregard this note!!! lol

P.s. Mine asked the same thing better, same or worse. We had not discussed that with my doc since my last eval. I emailed my doc and he said to check "WORSE" and he would back me up.

so you may want to just check worse since you fainted in front of your doc last time.

**EDIT**ALso if this is the little 3 or 4 page deal review form, CDR1 Form, Mine meant "affective disorder" because back in 1990, they called CFS a mental illness disorder.

The impairment code is on the line with your Social Security number.

There are two codes, but if you have only one impairment one of the

codes is 0000.

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Sorry to hear about the letter from SSDI. I just got one last week that said they are still loking at all my medical information, and will be lettering me know there answer when they get it all. It seems like it going to be neer ending.

Good Luck!


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Don't worry about what you wrote.

I just checked some dates and I sent in the CDR1 WITH NOTES in the blank spot in June..

I didnt get a response - which was the long forms, until the following January. FOLLOWED by two more batches of forms in Feb. I had to call and ask for extra time to fill out the second batch.

Do not take any of this personally. It is MEANT to stress us out and it WORKS.

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Hi Morgan,

Do you really have to pay the PT 120$ for 2 minutes? Coulnd't he have called you to tell you that you are too sick for the treatment and just cancel the appointment without going to your place?

I would have never done that to one of my clients!

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I only had to pay the co pay Ernie, but isn't that just the most rediculous thing!!! My insurance had to cover it, and then people wonder why the rates are so high. I called the place and asked them if they were proud of the ethics they used, then hung up on them. I was so mad.

Of course then the guy came to do an estimate on our bathroom. It's so bad and I want a new one. He was asking me questions and BOOM, down for the count. I had no time to warn him. I think I hit every body part I have from the way it feels right now. I think I whacked the back of my head and neck on the scales. The poor guy, he must have had a heart attack, and Dave was in the other room and thought it was our dog and cat until the guy started yelling. Geez, how embarrassing. And people think we do this for attention. I wanted to crawl in a hole and die...

I'm getting a little tired of this stuff. I love my body, I love my body, I love my body.... :blink:

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Looks like everyone else is going through the same thing with Soc Sec!!

I got one of those short forms last summer (2005) and filled it out immediately and sent it in. The form said I would hear back in like 3 weeks, well of course I never heard ANYTHING (i was hoping that was good news) until December!!

Get this- I got the long form with TONS of pages to fill out on December 24th (the letter was dated Dec 22nd so it's not like it got lost in the mail) and said it was due back on Jan 3rd. That gave me about one week to do ALL of those forms, over the holidays, and having to mail it in slightly earlier because the post office was closed on some days.

I was LIVID. There was a part of the letter that said if I couldnt make the deadline, to call and talk to "any representative" to get an extension. Well I did that and wound up calling back 3 days in a row because no one there could help me and kept sending me to other Soc Sec workers that could give me the approval for extra time.

It REALLY put a damper on my Holidays (besides the fact that I was vomitting constantly, couldnt eat at all, and was in bed for weeks). AARRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I sent it back January 8th and have not heard anything back. Wonder how long it takes for them to decide if you are 'still approved?' Any ideas...??

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I took what, 7 months to get a response after the short CDR was sent in. That response came with the long form. Within 6 weeks, I got the TWO PACKETS of long forms asking such DETAIL PERSONAL STUFF (how is your relationship with people? how has it changed since your illness...how does your life seem now that you are not work...did you have this problem than problem) it was SO DEPRSSING but I got a nice guy on the phone for an extension. he asked if that was long enough and I said fine.

Also, I answer most things on separate paper and said I was working 15 minutes at a time on a computer. I could not HANDLE thinking or working so intensely except in bits and pieces.

If we could handle ALL THAT PAPERWORK (especially the living questionnaire and the other thing, we wouldn't be disabled)

OC it was months after I sent in the two packets. Mainly becaue my doctor was late sending in the info. he didi his part where he signed the ok to release medical records but the dept that did the rest of the work and sending was way behind. So it may have been hot summer before I got the your disability is continuing. Maybe 4 months.

Hang in there...I am sorry your holidays were ruined...but it's just part of their game. Good luck.


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I gave my doc the heads up that I had received it. I called them to ask about it, I wanted a new form I hadn't scribbled all over and he said, just don't send it in and in 90 days they will just send you another one.

I told him the form said if they didn't get it in 30 days they would stop payments. He said that was just to get my attention. Har, like I'm going to believe that. So I sent it in. It's so hard to get, I decided I would just risk the scribbles as opposed to someone telling me they wouldn't cut off my payments.

So I guess I won't worry for 6 months. That seems to be the norm. And yes I am sore all over and feel that after faint yuck today. I must be a stupid crazy person, because all the literature says we crazies that pretend to faint make sure we don't hurt ourselves. Someone please tell that to my rib, head, back and elbow! onyourfacemorgan

Did anyone look at be still's comebacks? I think they will be moved over here, but some of them are priceless....

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GOOD GIRL sending in the paperwork. Your doctor doesn't know what he is talking about.

Social security is SERIOUS about stopping payments for lack of cooperation. We have to abide by their rules.

So anyway, just sit back and try to think of other things. The worst that can happen is you get the double packet of stuff like I did. It made me reflect BACK on home much I can NO LONGER DO (from being outside and working more to no piano or guitar playing due to pain issues) and no social life. yessiree..when you live like a day at a time, those boogers know how to depress the stuffing out of you.

But I made it through. If it wasn't for the disinissues web site and daily emails...I never would've stayed sane.

Hang tough and consider joining that site. It's chock full of FANTASTIC disability advice from folks who REALLY KNOW THEIR STUFF.

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I realized after I sent that last post it sounded weird. It was a guy at ssi that told me to just not send it!!!

Like I would do something they tell me like that. In my post I realize I made it sound like my doctor said that. he hates them too. So sorry about the snafoo. And isn't it crazy, no matter how much you don't want to let it bother you, it still drives you nuts. Like when a cop is following you in their car and your gut just drops, even though you haven't done anything wrong. Glad I don't have to worry about that kind of stuff any more. morgan

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SSD reviews me every 3 years... Its ridiculous the way they word the questions b.c they do not even touch on how difficult it is for us.

They are more geared toward people with bad backs, stiff mucles etc etc.....

I just send in ALL my Dr write ups from the 3 years.. Its a pain in the you know what!

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