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Living on the Toilet


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It all started about two days ago and it hasn't stopped since. All I know im sore, my tummy feels like it hates me and I've drank enough pepto to turn myself pink :) I know that this can be common when starting a new medication, or if you have had problems with it in the past but this is all new to me. I've gone over my diet, water intake, and anything else I could possibly think of that could be causing this, and i've come up with NOTHING! And I'm scared to leave the house and I have an appt with my ep in an hour. :)

Any suggestions?

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Im sorry..... if its any help at all I spent last night with my pillow and blanket in the bathroom. I get bad diarrhea after having an adrenal storm. I figure there is no sense leaving the bathroom, I take immodium too (then I get constipated). Endless pain in the butt, literally....

I would wear a pad on my way to the docs to avoid a mess.

Good Luck


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yep i feel your pain..I have such GI troubles.. and like Morgan said I often wonder where it comes from b/c I bare;y eat these days!! my boyfriend says it proves hi theroy that i'm full of poop!!" LOL whatever!!

You can try Immodium..i take one pill.. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.. it causes some pretty nasty constipation for me (though it very well may help you!!

I get the pains and diarrhea after eating or not eating. and after an andreanline surge.. those are the worst !!

hope that you are ffeeing better soon!

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