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NCS, POTS, PSVT.......


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Can you have all these diffent things and have POTS? or are doctor just grasping for somthing. I been going though my medical records form 2004- till now they have said I have the following:


NCS- 2005

Paroxtsmal Supraventricular Tachycardia-2004

Sinoatrial Note Dysfunction- 2004

Syncope-2004 (I think this is just a lable when you pass out)

Tachycardia- 2004

Sick Sinus Syndrome-2004

Low Blood Volume- 2005

Rapid Blood Flow-2005

Depression-2005 (Mmmmm let me think about this one, they cant make up there minds)

Orthostatic Hypotension- 2005

I don't know what to belive, I know alot of these are close, I know you can have POTS and NCS, but can you have the rest? To me some of them maybe the wrong dx's. What do you think? I am just trying to get the right treatment to get better, and am getting all the medical records together to find a new doctor for the POTS, part of me thinks don't even bring the records and see what they come up with. Not sure what to think!


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My list is very similar. You can have ncs and pots. The rest are just symptoms.... just depends on what your heart is doing at the time they test you. Like Sinoatrial Node Dysfunction, your SA node was prob reacting to a potsy episode when they did the ekg or had you on a monitor.

I was on an event moniter for 30 days my heart was very creative in its reactions to my adrenal storms, psvt, sick sinus, sa node dysfunction, pvc', pac's, a flutter.....

I also have the diagnoses of depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I wish there was a dignosis called angry and want to smack you becuse you dont understand and arent even trying to.

I dont pay much attention to my diagnoses anymore, they are just codes used to get insurance to pay them.



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Yep, it's all pretty much under the umbrella of dysautonomia but pertains to specific sxs as the others stated. Yep, you sure can have that many diagnoses. Here's mine: mitral valve prolapse with severe dysautonomia; tachy-brady syndrome and neurocardiogeniic syncope. That's just part of it....


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