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SSI Doctor exam?

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I am with you I want to know what to expect. I am in the process of the disability battle with social security. I will be anxious to hear also what anyone has to say. I do know people has gotten approved with problems so less debilitating than ours.


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I had to go to a SSI doc exam. It was a joke. I tried to give him some info about OI. He just grunted at me. Gave me an eye exam, looked in eyes, ears, throat, poked around on my stomach, made me stand on one leg, did some neuro stuff, and then he was done. It only took him about 5 minutes. He just kept saying, "I only do the exam I don't make the decision."

I told my lawyer about his exam. When we went before the judge, the judge brought up that the doc said my exam was normal. My lawyer then started asking me questions, like did you try and give him info on your condition and he refuesed to look at it, how long did your exam last, etc. My lawyer kind of made the doc out to look like a jerk.

I would not worrry about it. Just go not expecting much. Who knows, maybe your doc will be nice. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

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Don't expect much. I went to one of their docs for the mental problems I said I have that are caused by POTS. The doc just gave me some verbal mental drills then asked me why I couldn't work. I gave him an earfull. Last wendsday I found out that I was denied.

If the doctor does ask you why you can't work, give him every single symptom and problem no matter how mild.

Good luck!

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I was blessed with a Dr who really took his time with me and gave me a thorough exam. The day before my exam I really pushed myself and did a lot of stairs so I was at my worst on the day of the exam. I could not even walk a straight line. I get very symptomatic when I try and do things that healthy people do. I was suprisingly approved on the first try. WHich is supposably rare.

Good Luck


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