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Blew another disc in my back


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So, the past few days have been back pain-filled. I know the sensation, and it's in a new location. My guess is that's it's either the disc at t1-t2, or t2-t3. Aside from the pain, I've been more symptomatic than usual, mostly with nausea and lightheadedness. My sleep has been very interrupted, which has not helped me feel better. My headache is a bit better, but not gone (thank goodness!). I'm having the classic issues that go with a disc problem--arm and hand pain, shooting electric sensations, and local pain at the site in my back.

I slept 15 hours Friday into Saturday--in stages of 4 to 5 hours each. Last night, I got 3 hours, then was up for 2, took sleep meds, and slept for 8. Sleep helps, but then the pain breaks through and I wake up.

I've tried ice, heat, natural traction by lying in various positions on my therapy ball, massage, wearing my hard brace to bed, and rx anti-inflamatory (500mg of naproxen) last night at about 3 am--but can't take daily b/c nsaids and my belly don't get along well. I'm sure that nsaids would be really useful if I could just take them regularly! Does anyone know if they can make them in another form, like transdermal or suppository via a compounding pharmacy?

I've also been taking pain meds (oxycontin), but it's not helped much. Pain meds have some major drawbacks for me. With the pain meds, it worsens my slow gut problem--which I'm trying to counteract with Zelnorm. The best thing for me would be another steroid epidural--but the last time, I had a really bad reaction with very high bp and fluid retention. That was about a year ago.

I'm bummed at how many things have been going wrong with my body in such a short span of time. I don't know what to do next. My neuro appointment is a week from today. I could try to see my pain managment doc, but if I call tomorrow, I'll still end up waiting a week or more for an appointment with him...and i don't know if I could handle it if he tells me that pain meds are all he can do for me. I'm not depressed, but I'm awfully cranky and short tempered. I feel like my ability to cope is being tested to the limit lately.

Any words of wisdom, ideas for relief are welcome. Nina

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I have no wisdom but I've got some virtual hugs!! I'm so sorry you're in such pain. I hope someone can help you, but in the meantime, i'll be thinking of you. :)

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I am sorry to hear about your back. I know your pain, I blew L4 L5 last week. I cant take narcotics or nsaids, they just cause more problems as you know. I hop you get some relief soon. I wonder why we seem to have one ailment happen after another. It never ends.

Feel Beter Soon


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Guest Julia59


I'm sorry to hear your having more pain on top of the pain your already dealing with. NOT FAIR.

Steroid injections----that is something I have thought about---but I also dread any reaction I may get.

I would talk to your pain management Doc and see if there are other types of steroids that may have less side affects. I had a large quanity of steroids via IV after my cervical spine surgery---not only did it help with the swelling in the other parts of my spine---it helped my other POTS symptoms. But I was pretty tachy while they were being introduced into my body.

Maybe there is a combination of the steroid injection and something else. Can they use steroid injections without a complete block? Well---it's probably the steroids that cause the high BP and swelling.... No doubt there is some painful swelling going on. That's a nasty area----upper thoracic spine----I know it must hurt you to even lift your arms. My old PCP who is miss used steroid injections alone for knee pain-----I wish I still had her, she understood all of this.

I wish I could help more---i'm just bad at knowing what to do for pain----because I am so sensitive to meds---so I don't even try, but i'm going to have to find something I can tolerate.

Are you having numbness in your arms---especially the elbo area? That is not a good sign.

Did you actually blow a disk--meaning rupture? A rupture requires emergency surgery usually, and before they do that, high doses of steroids are needed to keep the swelling down to prevent spinal cord damage.

Maybe you should get another MRI..........

I hope you get that pain under control soon. Keep us posted---



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Hey Nina, You absolutely can get naproxen in suppository form. I am not sure if it is over the counter in the USA, but you can call your apothecary and find out. It might be a very good option for you. So sorry that you have yet another thing to add to your plate! Feel better. Laura

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