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I am newly diagnosed with POTS, although have been suffering from the symptoms since July 2005.

I know that part of the reason we have the symptoms is that our blood vessels don't want to constrict and blood pools in the them.

Do you gals have REAL HEAVY periods??? I'm wondering if this is another symptom caused by POTS, due to the vessels that don't want to constrict.


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Mine were much heavier than I am used to for the first two years after developing POTS. I have noticed that the last two have been much more normal. Are you over 30? Because you are more likely to be at risk for uterine fibroids, which cause heavier periods. I would see a gynecologist and raise your concern. This problem is not necessarily linked to POTS, but in my case, I didn't have fibroids ... so I kind of think my heavy periods were a result of my body's hormones going wacky.


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Before having a hysterectomy a few years ago, my periods were HORRIBLE. I had endomtriosis which I think is very comparable sx-wise to dysautonomia. So, as already stated, see a gynecologist to rule out any other organic problem. But for me, I think the endometriosis and dysautonomia were a package deal because they both kind of showed up big time after my second c-section. Good luck!


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