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IV Fluid


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I was wondering how many of you use iv fluid. . .

If you do,

Does it help? What symptoms does it help relieve?

And how do I go about getting some of this magical elixir? lol

Thank you!


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i have found that IV's help me agreat deal depending on the amount that i get. and how sever my symptoms are.. a full bag will generally give me a few hours of relief from dizziness and lightheadedness.. you know the potsy feeling.. UM if i get more then one bag.. I am likely to have a few decent days in arow where I am realtively functional and can sit upright!

it helps raise you BP aswell..fluid raises BP.. which makes Us feel better!! YEAH

Um you can try talking to yur doc and if you PCP or cardio whoever.. understadnt he dynamics of pots. then hopefully you wont have aproblem getting them..maybe you can get something set up for an as needed basis?? I know ER's give you (us) lip about giving us IV"S..which is crazy...

But i have found that Iv's are one of the very few things that help me feel better.. i typically need severe bags though to feel a difference

everyone is different on what amount helps them.. hopefully you can get somebody (doctor) to help you with this.. from personal experience you "MAY" have ahrd time getting insurance company's to pay for IV if you arent "technically" on paper dehydrated. this si where a pots expert would come in handy.. they can write you something explaining why no matter how much yuo drink and drink it just wont do the trick..I know b/c we (my docs) are fighting with the insurance company to get it paid for!

good luck to you Blondie!

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Hi, I use iv therapy everyday and it is definitely useful. I have had NO problem with insurance regarding this because it keeps me OUT of the hospital which is a heck of a lot more expensive for them. So, good luck!


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When I am sick wityh a flu bug I do 1 liter bag of saline a day and it is one of the biggest helpers I have ever found!

I used to have to go to the ER and go through tons of nonesense just to get a couple bags.. Now I can hook up whenever I feel like it and my Home infusion company is great,

And I agree with the other poster that insurance most likely wont bark at it b.c it keeps you from the ER/hospital which is a FAR greater expense....

When O have my fluid issues I feel like I am in a shock like state... I get very pale and I feel like I have no blood in my head... I dont pass out but I get these waves that come through my head and I get shaky and hot.....weaker.... The fluids usually correct it.

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