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Bad Spell This Morning


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This morning I awoke to a sharp pain in my stomach, didn't really think much of it. About five minutes later, everything got really blurry and I got extremely dizzy/lightheaded. I laided down, waiting for this nightmare to end. This hot, burning feeling came over me. I tried to keep my eyes open, oh I was sooo scared and I was too out of it I guess to yell for help. I tried, but I just couldn't. Like I didn't have the strength. And then my legs went numb/tingling. I couldn't move. I am able to move my legs now, but it hurts so very bad. And if I try to walk~ they give out on me?!? I tried called my electro to inform her on my situation, but of course its four hours later and I probably won't hear from her. What should I do? Will this happen again? Is it all POTS? How can I bring back feeling in my legs and dull the aching?

Sorry, I just need to vent. Im just so scared!

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I get most of those symptoms, but never paralysis in my legs...I do feel like my legs are going to give out after I get a surge. My legs and feet always have a tingling feeling in them :) . Did you EP ever call you back? If so, how did you make out?? Feel bettter!


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No, my ep NEVER called me back but a nurse did to tell me that they would call me next week for a follow up. . .go figure! They frustrate me so bad. I still feel extremely weak, exhausted, and my legs are still achin' and sore. Hopefully this goes away. . .

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sorry to hear that you had just a crummy day. if you're not feeling better & these symptoms are new for you i would encourage you to not wait for your doc to call you back next week & instead call them. i know it's a pain but it's often the only way to get things moving more readily.

while weak/sore legs don't seem to be too unusally amongst folks with blood pooling, paralysis is NOT a "normal" part of POTS that should be written off as such. feeling like you cannot move b/c of exhaustion/discomfort is one thing; truly not being able to move at all is another. and while there are people on the board who have had both it's important to get new things checked out.

i hope you're feeling at least a bit better today...

:) melissa

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