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How to interpret bp reading?


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Hi guys,

I have been measuring my bp with a device my mum bought from the chemist. It is a mechanical reading. I thought i would see what happens if i walk around while taking my bp and it seems that i get strange readings like 100/33 last night and 83/25 just then (i also did some squats). Previously the lowest reading i have ever had was 60/40 and that was when i was about to faint.

Is it possible to take blood pressure while walking? or would that be a faulty reading. Should i alert my dr when i see her next?

In general my bp has been pretty good lately when sitting and standing.

Thanks for any advice :)

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ok good to know. If it was a proper reading i would have been worried B) Thanks for clearing that up for me!

Although i do wonder what happens to my heart when i move about, drs have never questioned it so i assume that means i dont have any signs that there would be trouble but when i exercise i do get quite faint so thought something could be going on. Have any of you done stress tests or anything like that?

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Hi again,

I have been trying to research what is 'normal' for bp and pulse. I am cleaning my room at the moment and i stood up and took my pressure and its 103/57 and the pulse is 129. I have never taken the pulse into consideration in my blood pressure. For a normal person would cleaning your room (picking things off the ground) lead to a pulse of 129. i have read that for adults over 100 is high.

I suppose the truth is i feel hot and dizzy (i hate cleaning for this reason.. i find it tiring, but i dont know if that happens to everyone or not) but these days since my blood pressure is in normal ranges im never sure if i am just being a hypocondriac or if my high pulse is causing me to feel funny. I just wanted to check with you guys before i go whinging to a dr as i dont want them to think im exagerating my condition.

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Even taking into consideration i was cleaning my room?

I suppose its not like i was going for a jog or something is it.... Im just really paranoid about sounding paranoid or overdramatic (gee i can sense a catch there, paranoid about being paranoid?)

thanks for your reply Ernie!

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Your heart rate being too high while cleaning your room could be signs of a couple of different things. A cardiologist would be able to help you sort out the issues.

It could be you have POTS, it could be you've become deconditioned (a problem that some with various forms of dysautonomia develop because they aren't able to exercise which further complicates things), it could be something else totally unrelated or a combination of any of these factors.

Maybe you could ask your cardiologist to do a treadmill test or stress echo to make sure things are okay.

Unfortunately, many of us either have to take a medication to help lower heart rate (even if it's just for the purpose to be able to exercise) or "suffer" through the high heart rate if it doesn't cause you other problems aside from the discomfort of it. As your heart becomes more fit then most of the time your heart rate will come down even if you do have POTS. It may still be high and/or inappropriate for your level of activity but you will still most likely see a positive result.

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Hi Evie:

A heart rate of 129 bpm while you are just tidying up a room could easily be due to POTS. You should definitely seek medical attention for this. It is not normal.

The standing up and bending over that you do while tidying up a room pose a serious orthostatic stress. If you do have POTS, that is precisely the sort of activity that would give you the most trouble. Standing in the checkout line at the grocery store is another activity that is easy for a normal person but an ordeal for someone with POTS.

Unless you have been bedridden or in zero gravity in a space station for the past few weeks, the problem is probably not due to deconditioning. If POTS were really due to deconditioning, it would be common in office workers and prisoners and rare in athletes, wouldn't it? If it were due to anxiety, it would be especially common in prisoners, wouldn't it? So why is it rare despite the large percentage of sedentary people in the population? Why don't we see outbreaks of it in prisons? Why does it strike so many active people?

Even if the problem that you are describing is due to POTS, however, chances are that at least one doctor will tell you that you are being overdramatic, or that the problem is "all in your head," or that you just need to exercise more. If you can't find a local doctor who already knows about dysautonomia, bring the POTS brochure to your appointments.

Best of luck!

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Thank you so much for your replies! This forum is a great resource. :huh:

I have a lovely endocrynologist who is helping me, she sent me to a neurologist who diagnosed me with POTS. I dont have a cardiologist but i will ask about seeing one when i see her next. Im sure you all know what i mean about not wanting to sound like you are overreacting ... its just so hard not to sometimes as we all really want answers. Are cardiologists open to POTS type illnesses or will they mostly think its in my head? i realise that every dr is different it just seems that some specialities are more open than others.

I walk at least 5 days a week and i have not thankfully been bedridden in the past two weeks so it shouldnt be deconditioning. It could be that i am extremely unfit though? I do try to go to the gym but last time i did three days and then ended up being really sick for a month... I want to get better and fitter but it scares me at the same time as i never know whats too much. (5mins can be too much)

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