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Hi I thought that that i would share with you that i am finally gettin some much needed home health care services!! I feel like this has been a long time coming.. in regards to the fact that I have been deteriorating drastically over the last yr or so...dr. kept saying that I am right on that fine line of being eleigbnle for services.. and I guess i finally crossed the line into being able to now recieve help..

Kinda pathedic ....

But anyways.. a nurse,PT,OT,aide,social worker and and speech thereapist will be coming to work with me.. speech thereapy is so that they can work with me on my swallowing.. as i am having difficulty swallowing..(choking.. and food sticking--lump in my throat.. YUCKY) so hopefully they will be able to give me some pointers to let the food go dwon.. then it will be a matter of it staying down , and uh in!! :(:o

an aide will come 3 times a week. to help with the whole showering thing.. so that maybe i can get a shower every other day! wahoo!! though I am not that comfortable with having to have help showering.. I agreed to hav an adie present in the event that i passout --get sick or do need some help..(ie--hair brushing.. boyfreind ahs been doing the brushing and braiding.. god love him)

I am so greatful for the help.. as I have been at my wits end about things.. and I am hoping that It will take some the stress of my relationship with the boyfriend if.. some other people are hear to help.. and the burdon doesnt soley lay on him.. b/c I feel very bad about that.. and it casues some big time stress and problems for us..

they are also )social worker) going to try and figure out a plan of action so to speak for me for long term care.. and to find some housing that will meet my needs.. I know my PCP has mentioned nursing home care and or assisted lving care.. assisted lving though..insurance does not pay for it.. and ti starts out at roughly 2000$ month for very basic care. and as far as nursing home care.. she said that it would drive me nuts.. and that insurance wont pay for it.. until I am to the point of really really neding it...

that and I will be DA**ed if I am going to go live in anursing home at the age fo 23! (these options where entertained due to the fact taht I will be living alone int he near future.. and I have no family around to help..and level of functioning is close to non exsistant.. and freinds are scattered along the east coast!!.. though good about checking on me via phone.. not much that they can do long distance!)

so at the ver least I need to be in a handicapped apartment.. then w/ home health care and some kinda of long term care..something will work out..

But I wanted to share with you guys that finally after having gone down hill so much in the last yr or so.. I finaly got some help.. I dont know weather to be relieved or to cry.. ro both..

relieved that I finally am getting some help at HOME! and the urge to cry b/c I am at the point where insurance is paying for services now.. and that I need the services..

Kinda bittersweet so to speak.. I have mixed emotions

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Hey Linda,

You've just brought back a vivid memory to me of when I was in CCU in Dundee this time last year- (Feb/March)--hey,all of a sudden, I'm remembering it like it was yesterday. Strange how th emind works, eh?

Anyway- thought I would chime in here....

I remember the first time I was told I wasn't allowed to have a bath on my own in the hospital- they were worried I would drown if I passed out. but I also couldn't stand up to get in, so they hoisted me in. I was dreading it- people seeing me in the buff with my wobbly bits and all! There was nothing to worry about though- and you shouldn't be anxious either.

Because I had been so restricted in what I was allowed to do, soon the bath or shower came to be the highlight of my day- I felt like a caged animal, confined to bed, so the nurses used to make a real fuss about my bath...they'd fill it with nice bubblebath, and let me have nice soap (some even brought smellies in frm home for me, cos they knew how much it mattered to me to be clean). I used to love that.

IT was hard when the nursing students had to help me- they were our age or younger, you know- early twenties, and I kept thinking how awkward it was but they never made an issue of it- we would talk about tv, or music, or crazy old people in the ward (I was the only person there under the age of 80 apart from the staff!) and laugh about things- it was like they didn't see my body, or they weren't bothered about it! And it was so nice to feel so clean!

I also liked the getting dressed after- I've never been one to stay in my pjs ALL day- having a strict presbyterian mother means I grew up feeling guilty about such a slovenly act! Even when I was unable to get out of bed, I'd get dressed, brush my hair, put on some perfume etc!

Of course, I'm able to see to myself now as I'm fully mobile again, but I well remember what it was like when I wasn't.

Anyway, it won't be as bad as you think. But the least they can do is get someone to help you shower every day- that's a basic human right, to be clean and fresh!!! you should shout until you get this type of help!

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hey thanks guys!!

Perse-- yes and good shower or bath and being clean is such a treat!! Who knew that bathing would one day turn into such a luxury!! LOL!!

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Hi Linda,

I'm happy that you are going to get some help, but I understand how you feel about actually being at the point where you need the help...Who knows though, maybe at this time next year you will be doing better and be able to do more on your own. Nothing is wrong with needing help!

I saw that you are 23 years old..how long have you had POTS?? Do they know what the cause is/was??


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