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Today's Doctor Apptmt.


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Hi, so today I went to see a doctor covering for my PCP. I got a RX for the Z-pac, because I have a sinus infection. Funny thing is today I don't feel too shabby. Go figure :huh: .

Anyhow, the doctor asked why I was on Toprol and Florinef and I told him why. He gave me the craziest look ever. It didn't end there either....I went to the pharmacy and I was talking to the pharmacist that I talk to alot and he's like,"Wow, you look good to me, I can't believe you have all these probs..." I know he wasn't inscinuating (sp?) that I am lying, but still those remarks make me cringe. Anyhow, I just wanted to update you guys. Tomorrow is the Cardio apptmt.


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I know how you feel. Most of the time people don't mean anything when they say these things, but once you have had a bad experience, you just become hypersensitive to any sort of comment like that. At least that is how I am I think. When I was first sick, I had this nurse that was convinced that I was anorexic, even though I had obvious symptoms and had been diagnosed with POTS. So now, I am just super sensitive to comments about me being to skinny. Like the other day this nurse goes "wow, you are so skinny, do you ever eat?!". And afterwards I told my mom how much things like that bother me, and my mom told me she meant nothing by it. And I knew she didn't, it just still bothers me. I love the look doctors give you when they hear what is wrong with you and they have no clue what you are talking about. You have to find the humor in doctors who are way over their head and don't know anything about dysautonomias. At least that is the only way I can handle it!

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