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Just got Celexa


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Hi. My doctor just prescribed Celexa. How much should I take? He doesn't understand that POTS patients have to start out slowly on medicines, it seems especially the anti-depressants, and he slapped me right on 20 mg. a day.

I think I should only take 5 mg. every other day for two weeks, then .5 every day for another two weeks, then .5 alternating with 10 mg. for two weeks, then 10 mg each day for two weeks, etc., until I finally make it to 20 mg a day. How does that sound, besides confusing?

I hate the idea that I'm paying a doctor big bucks for "treating" me, when in essence I'm treating myself, with all of your help!



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I am on celexa but was started on the same dose. I'm not sure if it really helps me since I'm also taking other things. Otherwise my dr is very cautious about starting meds and usually staggers the doses when starting and stopping things. Of course do what you think your body can handle.

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Hi Linda

I've been on Celexa for quite a long time now. I am now on 60mg!! Started off at 20 mg and had to work my way up to this dosage to keep my episodes calmed down. But it seems to be working, at least for now. Good luck!! and working your way up is the best way. Just make sure to keep hydrated and salty.



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Slow is always good for many of us...

However, some anti-depressants cannot be taken every other day like that and some can.

I find that the most helpful person to talk to is a pharmacist. They know more about splitting the pills and how to dose them than the docs.

Celexa does come in a liquid form if you want to go smaller than the pill can split...

I think that 10 mg (1/2 of a 20 mg pill--they are scored) would be reasonable....but I would check with a pharamcist.


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regardless of others' advice/experience i really think you should run your plan by a doc or pharmacist before plunging ahead....even if it's just to say "hey, here's what i'm going to do. is there any problem with it?" i too have qualms about varying doses by days as the idea is to get an even-keeled dose in your system. that said, i can't see a problem with starting small; i just think the same dose every day might make more sense in terms of your body adjusting evenly.

when i took celexa i started on 20mg. i'm not as sensitive as some here but that's still considered a pretty small dose. i was on up to 40 at one point (i'm not on it now b/c it wasn't doing anything for me after several years...good or bad). i had very mild nausea for a few days but not enough to keep me from eating.

good luck,

:o melissa

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