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eye doctor visit


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well my eyes are always dilated. a neurologist recently told me that it's the same part of the brain that controls the blood pressure that also controls the dilation of the eyes. something like that.... (he told me more, and it made sense at the time... but i can't think of it all now).

my eyes are always dilated HUGE and it's very uncomfortable b/c a light that's 50 watts feels like it's 150 watts to me. the sun is extra cruel, and therefore i get headaches and a flare up in symptoms b/c of the sensitivity.

when my opthamologist puts the drops in my eyes that supposedly dilate your pupils, mine don't do anything- they are already so big! now i don't even need those drops for the tests because my pupils are so darn huge.

can you tell how annoyed i am by this symptom?!? :-P

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I just recently went to a neuro opthamologist and had my eyes dilated. It bothered me too. It just really threw me off and gave me a bad headache. I don't have a suggestion really on what to tell the doctor other than that it makes him feel worse. I am sure if you just explain your son's situation the doctor would be understanding.

Oh by the way OC Sunshine, I think that is really interesting about your pupils always being dilated. I think what your doctor was refering to was the autonomic nervous system, which controls blood pressure, heart rate, and the dilation of the pupils. Like when your body is in stress, the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system kicks in, dilating your pupils and increasing your heart rate. I think that is really interesting though about how they are always dilated. Sorry, I am just really into medicine! That must be such a pain though! I can't imagine always having that!

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My neuro opthamologist informed me that most of the drops have a drug/chemical in them that are in the epinephrine family.

We think this is why I get odd reactions to the dilating drops (I generally feel ill after the drops, my eyes don't want to return to normal size even 10-12 hours after the exam etc).

In my case, we decided I'd had enough CT scans and such that if I had anything serious going on it would have been detected so we just opted out of the drops for this year.

It's a personal choice....maybe ask the Dr to investigate if there are any drops that don't have either epinephrine or anything in that family that will work.

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Hi, I recently got my annual eye exam. When my eye sight isn't blurry or fuzzy it's 20/13. The last time I went to the eye doc I did not get the numbing stuff in my eye (forget what it is called). They just dilated my pupils, it's funny though because since my eye sight is blurry some of the time I couldn't even feel a difference with the eye drops....How weird is that?! <_<

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