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Viral Infection??


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Hi guys,

I think I got another viral infection :( . I am soo hot and sweaty right now, I can't even sleep. I am wondering if anyone gets alot of palpitations when they have a viral infection.? I have been getting them all night and am wondering if that is "normal" for us POTS people to get them while we are sick.

I do get them alot when I feel good, but I never had them this bad.

Thanks for any ideas. Back to try and get some sleep.


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HI Jacquie,

So sorry you are under the weather. YES, any type of illness / infection can greatly increase our symptoms including palpatations.

Just make sure you are drinking extra fluids and electrolytes. I hope you feel better soon.


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Guest Belinda

I hope you start feeling better soon Jacquie-and depending on what type of virus..definitley increse fluids and rest and if it is a cold..I took vitamin C when I got a cold recentl;y and it did help me quite a bit get through it faster.

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