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I finally got approved for insurance!!!!


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So, today I found out that I have been approved to receive insurance!!!! :) So I decided that I would go see my cardio today because I had an apptmt (I wasn't going to go if I didn't have ins.). So I go into the office and the lady at the front dest (are there any nice ppl @ the front desk???!?!) gives me a form to fill out for insurance. The prob is that I haven't received my ins card yet it is in the mail and I couldn't get ahold of anyone @ the ins. place to give me the member ID number. So I explain this to the lady at the front desk and shes like fine...so literally 5 seconds later she said that I would have to reschedule my apptmt. (that I have waited months for) when I had my insurance card.

That's when I told them that the cardio in Boston wants this doctor to do bloodwork for the Florinef and do my bp while sitting, laying, and standing and I have new symptoms so I wanted to check in with him, oh and I also need refills for an RX. She goes oh well your going to have to just call Friday when you have your card. So, I asked her to have him call me. Who knows if she is even going to tell him. I really want to let him know how I was treated, I am really disappointed and I would hate to stop going there because he's a great doctor.

I don't understand the problem. Why couldn't she just call to verify that I am covered. Since I have an eye doc apptmt Friday which is in the same building why couldn't I bring it in then?? I have had them bill the wrong insurance there before and I just gave them my new card and there was never a prob, so why is there one today?? I just don't get it.

I explained that my insurance is retroactive and if worse came to worse I would pay for the apptmt ( I don't feel very good at all today). I have gotten previous bills from before I had insurance and they were $70., well she told me that it would cost me $130. So finally I decided to leave. I guess if I was feeling better I wouldn't be soo mad but I am.

I feel like I have gotten worse since the New Years :( ..

Thanks for reading this loooooooooonnnnnnggggggggg post, I hope no one dozed off while they were reading it!


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Oh, what an ordeal! I am so sorry. The doctor definitely needs to know what is going on. I guess the only thing you might could do is to call the insurance company yourself and get the id number before your appoinment on Friday. This front desk lady sounds like she is in the wrong profession. I worked front desk in a doctor's office many moons ago- you do not treat people tht way- period. Get some rest and know we are all pulling for you. But hey- yay about getting the insurance!


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