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Autonomic neuropathy and POTS


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Autonomic neuropathy can result from alcoholism, diabetes, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis, injury to the spinal cord, or spinal nerves. Please see Medline's site for info:


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I was dx with it but can't find the cause. My neurologist says it could be from a virus causing damage to the nerves or no know cause. There has been alot of discussion on this topic and I think autonomic neuropathy and dysautomonia and autonomic dysfunction are all the same. I could be wrong but they all have the same symptoms and all are a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Sometimes my doctor writes A.N. or A. dysfunction on my orders.

I was dx with autonomic neuropathy because I failed the TTT, sweat test and my bp went weird when I did the blowing test.

Hope this helps but I'm confused about it also.


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Autonomic Neuropathy and dysautonomia are basically the same.... Dr's use different terminology for it..... Some call is vasovagal syncope etc.....

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