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Aweful Morning


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After the morning I had today I have decided to take the Florinef. I had to drive my sister to work and on my way to get her my eyesight went very blurry and it was raining so I def. couldn't see a thing. Also, I got really bad Shortness of Breath. My heartrate was okay though, prob becuase the Toprol makes it so my heart rate can't shoot up, I'm sure if I wanst on the Toprol it would have been high. These do sound like low bp symptoms right?! Off to sleep, still cant' see too good.


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I have had times when I assumed it was low blood pressure causing a particular symptom and so I went to some trouble to take my blood pressure at those times when I was having symptoms. I took my blood pressure measuring device to the gym with me and I carried it for a while in the car, and even took it shopping. Then, when symptoms hit, I could take it and record it, and make a note about symptoms I was having at the time I took the BP. This was very enlightening. I found that sometimes my BP was normal and other times it was low.

What was even more enlightening was also taking it several times when I felt normal. I was surprised to see how low it could be at those nonsympton times.

I recommend that you monitor your own blood pressure for awhile--you will surely learn something useful.

I also recommend that you learn how to take your own BP using a non-digital machine. The new digital machines can be unreliable for taking blood pressures that are low. I had quite a discussion with the maker of one brand and learned a lot about them. Here is what I learned: They are not accurate when measuring very low blood pressure. They are not accurate when you take your blood pressure standing. They only claim to be accurate if you are sitting down with your arm resting on a surface and if the cuff is wrapped correctly. For a thin arm, the cuff must be wrapped at an angle. They do not claim to be accurate if you take several blood pressures in a row--instructions with mine said I must wait at least 10 minutes between measurements.

I also found the digital ones to be inaccurate as to recording pulse rate. I would count my pulse at the same time the BP cuff was taking it. Because my blood pressure is low, the machine missed many beats and often recorded too low a number.

My husband also found that many times a particular digital machine does not register correctly. He bought one, took it to his doctor and the doctor tested it against his office machine. It was off, so my husband returned it to the store, bought another one and took it to the doctor. Again it was off. My husband returned 3 of them before the fourth one tested out correctly. However, that one has been reliable and continues to work well for him.

My husband has high blood pressure. It is my opinion that the old fashioned, pump-up cuffs work better for folks with low blood pressure. And it is not difficult at all to learn how to use them.

I think it is important to understand what is really going on in our bodies as much as possible before making a medication decision. Otherwise, you are choosing a medication based on an uneducated guess.

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Guest Belinda

Jacquie-Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. The toprol definitely helps with the heartrate and florinef will help with your bp, it is a good thing to monitor bp. Sometimes when I am feeling bad I check it and wow then I know why other times i check it and it's normal..probrably a potsy kinda thing.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Hi, thanks for all the replies. I just woke up and feel crappy. So, if my bp isn't that low this is just POTS stuff? Would the Florinef help that? I feel like I have been drugged or something I can barely stand up straight never mind walk a straight line. :(


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Guest Julia59

Sorry to hear your not feeling very well---I hope the florinef works for you.

I often wonder what my BP is doing when i'm out and trying to shop---which is nearly impossible lately. I would just like to record it once while on one of my trips out. It's been such a struggle lately---even to go for a visit to someones house---ugggg.

This morning my BP was 62/49---this is the lowest it's been since 2002. Mostly every morning it's been running --- 90s/60s sitting and 70s/50s standing. I only measure it in the morning as this is the time where i'm least likely to have anxiety from a high heart rate. I don't measure it throughout the day because I would just get anxiety from the numbers. This is now though---I have in the past---my anxiety is just a little more out of control lately.

The odd thing is that when my BP drops this low---my heart rate hasn't been getting very high------only 70s and 80s---about the same as it is sitting. This is kind of scary---as this is a sign of PAF. Maybe this is why i've been having these adrenaline surges----maybe it's my bodies way of trying to regulate things. Those surges are no fun though. That day at the airport parking lot was bad. Just before I went out there I was feeling real droopy inside the airport---then in the parking lot---I got the surge from you know where---I shook so bad, I couldn't believe it.

Jan, that is interesting about the BP digital machines. Maybe mine is wrong. My aunt is a nurse, and she used it for her patients in home nursing care---she said is was accurate---maybe she tested it also.

Julie :0)

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