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Birth Control Pill acting as a diuretic?


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This was dicsussed a couple weeks back on a post and I wanted to bring it up again to see if anyone else has any knowledge or advise about this?

I have been on Birth control ( Loestrin) for almost 10 years now.... I just wonder if it is contributing to fluid loss.

Any suggestions or experiences would be appeciated..thank guys!! :(

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Hi Jenn,

I think someone posted that in response to my question on birth control. That was actually the first time I ever heard of a birth control being a diuretic. I just started Ortho Tri Cyclen in December and I have definitely gained some water weight since then, and all my (non-POTS) friends who have tried it have had the same. I am not sure about your particular pill, but maybe check with your dr or pharmacist.


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like others have said/implied, i think the issue (though i hadn't been aware of it previously either) is with certain formulations, not with "the pill" in general. i'm certain that my docs wouldn't be allowing me to take anything close to a diuretic and have read all the prescribing info myself too which would also indicate if such was the case. i've been on levlite in the past and now am on seasonale.

you could always read the full prescribing info to reassure your self and/or ask you pharmacist &/or doctor.

:( melissa

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Thanks guys! I did a google search and foind that it is in some BC pills but not all of them.

I am a little conerned though b/c I have been On Loestrin for 10 years and just read that this particular pill is most commonly given to women over 40 and can cause hormonal problems in younger women...

Great! On emore thing to have to check into :(

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I am a nurse midwife who does gyn only. The only BCP with a specific diuretic action is yasmin. Loestrin 1/20 is a standard bcp - no special restrictions. Actually, except for yasmin, all BCP are bascially equally safe and effective. The may issue with yasmin is drug interaction that are unique to its progesterone.

On an individual basis, if you feel good on a pill and have no contraindications for pills in general, it is the right one for you. I would like to see research about Loestrin and a link to hormonal problems in younger women. I doubt it exists. It has the same combination of hormones as many other pills.

Is there a like to the site claiming hormonal problems in younger women?


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