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Colds, symptoms stay with us longer???


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Hi, I have been sick for about a week now. I am wondering if we stay sicker longer than a person w/o POTS???

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Yes, I know what you mean. Everytime I get even a little cold, it drags on for weeks. I often start feeling worsening of the POTS BEFORE the cold symptoms even hit me! Anyone else notice this?

The cold symptoms like congestion, sneezing, coughing etc. are nothing compared to the misery of the worsening of the POTS symptoms. People without POTS or some other chronic illness don't know how lucky they are JUST to have the cold symptoms themselves.

I started avoiding shaking hands in mass every sunday, and I avoided a cold this christmas season (knock on wood!). Hope all of you get over your colds/flu quickly. I feel for you.


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