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Idea for a New Section


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I saw this on the Cushing's Syndrome board:

"Every week, we to ask everyone to check-in and say what's up with them or just "hi", something to let us know that everyone is out there and doing ok. Please try to post something in this thread during the week, even if it's just a quick "hi", so we know you're still out there."

They have a special section called Week-end check-in days and each week they start a thread for that week where their members check-in. I'm wondering if we could do something like that for our board (maybe it would keep me and some others :D from "disappearing" from the board for months at a time).


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I DO like that idea...

but, I always worry for the moderators about the work involved...

still, it is a great idea b/c i find that i disappear for long periods, but i LOVE checking in with every one and hearing how folks are. i miss hearing little 'updates' from everyone...

one time Earth Mother posted 'where is everyone? in the hole or out of the hole?'. and everyone checked in...especially those who can't be on much. it was so much fun! and good to hear from all of my friends here and sort of know everyone was okay or at least still 'out there'.

it's hard to always post updates for each person like 'how's blackwolf'? if she's been away for a while...this is a good way to hear little updates!


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That would be a good idea. Also a chat would be cool too for everyone to check in with each other. On one of the other boards I see they have a scheduled chat on Wed. @ 6pm for ppl to catch up with each other. It would be alot more work for the moderators though, and they already do alot here for us (Thanks!!!!!).

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