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Vibrations in head


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Hi, I have never had what you are experiencing. I do have buzzing noises in my ears occasionally with a little bit of hearing loss. Do you think that maybe it is your ears?

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I have it but all over my body. Its not allergic because it comes from nowere. My body usually raises in temprature when it happens.

My head dont vibrate but it does feel like its rocking. Sometimes i get a massive vibe/shock in my head which lasts about a second and makes my eyes shake badley.

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yes i too get a buzzing feeling ... it makes me so irritated and i find if i have coffee or stimulants my face and neck get really itchy/irritated.

For my head i have found sometimes that drinking eno's helps take away the pressure and buzz in my head/body. Sounds strange i know.

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You guys are going to think this sounds NUTS, but when I'm close to sleep (either going to sleep or waking), I can feel this buzzing sensation. What's weird is that it is EXTREMELY subtle, and I'm really only aware of it because every few seconds it stops for a microsecond, then starts right up again.

It's not my ears, but I don't know what it is. My hubby thinks it may be some sort of nerve stimulation from being so hyperadrenergic.

Weird, weird. And you can BET I don't discuss it with the docs!!

Hang in,


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I get that feeling if i have electrical goods near me switched on at night (computer, stereo, tv etc).

My ex never believed me so use to lie to me and tell me he had turned the computer/stereo off but i use to catch him every time so he had to believe me in the end.

That could have nothing to do with your situation though Diana. Sometimes its the strange symptoms that can help drs diagnose. Like i never told a dr i was worse flying then when i found out about POTS i found it was a really common symptom. I just figured they would put it down to me feeling anxious.

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