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George and Aunt Fran


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Well I did not invite "George" and "Aunt Fran"(can't remember the lingo correctly except for the "I have a visitor") to visit today. Both are very unwelcome since they both bring soooo much discomfort. Aunt Fran decided to come early and brought George along. :)

I'm hoping they don't plan on staying long :) They are taking me out, and I don't mean for dinner!

Going to grab a heating pad, pop an extra beta blocker and hope for the best...

Woo Hoo, what a way to start the New Year! Memorable day 1....... :D

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Oh I am sorry for your UN-invited guest...!! How rude!! Hope they leave soon... and you can get some peace!

ps. when i was in middle school.. we called our "freind" aunt flo.. LOL! not real conspicuous (sp)there huh?? LOL

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