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New & Worried about Fatigue


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B) I'm wondering if anyone else can relate to these strange symptoms?

I go through phases where I find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Not because I'm tired - I wake feeling 'wired', with a racing heart & nausea -yet it takes almost every ounce of motivation and strength to physically get out of bed!! Then after 10 - 30 minutes I feel relatively fine.

Last night I had the 'adrenalin rushes' again. When I tried to get up, my arms and shoulders felt numb, I'm was wobbly on my legs and felt semi-comatosed (frighteningly so). And yet this morning I wake feeling fine, like I could even do some light aerobics. This is a repeating pattern for me.

I'd prefer not to talk to my doctor because I don't want 'neurosis' on my medical record!

I've haven't been diagnosed with a dysautonomia, however I suspect MVPS.

Does anyone get anything even similar to this? Please help

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Hi and welcome to the forum B) ! I do get the same symptoms you have and find that mornings are often worse for me. I strongly advise you to see a doctor to get checked out. There are certain things you should get ruled out such as arrhythmias, etc. since some can be very serious and others are just a pain to deal with. Also, you want to find some treatment that works for you so you can feel better! Take care and keep us updated.


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Welcome Kelleigh, yes I too have these symptoms which are scary, but do not hold back telling your doctor. He or she needs to know everything that is going on with you. My first doctor told me that It was all in my head, and to just stop worring and get a job, so when my family insisted that I get a different doctor I was hesitant to tell him everything. Good thing one of my family members was there because what I left out they filled in. I am still hesitant about telling him everything, but I know that I have to, to get a proper diagnosis. If they do not know what you are going through it is just going to take longer for them to diagnose you. Hang in there. Vanessa

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hi kelleigh -

first of all, welcome! we have a few other aussies on the forum who i'm sure will be glad to see another joining their ranks.

first of all, you need to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. if for some reason you're not comfortable with your doctor in particular then find another doctor. i can't promise you that you won't get dismissed or told that it's "just" anxiety but as frustrating as that possibility is you can't let it stop you from getting a proper diagnosis...even if it takes longer than you'd like.

mornings are particularly rough for me and many others on the forum; i for one can't get out of bed until the 45 min or so it takes my meds to kick in (as otherwise my BP is too low & i end up passing out more times than not.)

and nausea is also an issue for many of us, myself included, and can be worse in the morning. there are various reasons that this may be the case for some of us (gastroparesis, CVS, etc.) but it's definitely not unheard of around here.

definitely take some time to read the info on the main dinet page, but also talk to your doctor. while you may have a form a dysautonomia there are SO many things with similar & overlapping symptoms that should at least be checked out....

in the meantime hang in there,

<_< melissa

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