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EMG tomorrow


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howdy folks-

after seeing my neuro today (my local autonomic doc who's also a neuromuscular spec) he wants an MRI (not expecting anything there, more "just to cover the bases"), full EMG, and some additional bloodwork(he was like, "believe it or not there are a few things i'd like to still run"....via various docs i've had no less than 30 tubes taken since turkey day...maybe THAT's the problem!) he also wants me to track down my old spinal tap results to see if certain tests were run. they'd better have been b/c that is NOT a test i'll gladly partake in again. i've had three and - despite doing everything "right" have gotten the horrid spinal headache afterward twice.

all are b/c of my greatly increased pins/needles/tinglings/vibrations/shocks of late. some sensation & clumsiness/coordination issues too. fun fun fun.

we talked about the "big picture" for me a bit too which i may post on later but honestly don't have the physical or mental energy for at the moment. lucky you guys :) .

bloodwork was done before leaving, MRI is the first week of january, and EMG is tomorrow afternoon.

i have read past posts about how fun the EMG will be. i've had my share of assorted painful tests/procedures so while i'm not looking forward to it i'll deal. my mom was here for the appt today but couldn't stay through tomorrow; she would have been much happier if i'd scheduled for later and she could have been here but i just want it over with! and i've done loads of other stuff on my own so i'll survive.

here's my question. knowing that there's no guarantee of course, do you all think i'll be okay to drive afterward?? i'm only about 5-7 minutes from the hospital so it's not far but just thought i'd get those of you who have been poked and prodded in this particular way to chime in. i'm aware i may be sore but anything bad enough to make the short drive prohibative?

thanks bunches,

:) melissa

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Guest Finrussak


I know Id be less worried about you if you played it "safe" and took the cab. Not knowing how stressful the test will be and how you will react (like if it will provoke an episode of tachy etc making you weak and shaky). Why add that to your worrries?? this way instead of thinking "what if I cant drive home" you can relax ( as much as possible) and know thats one less thing to fret over!!

Good luck and I hope they "find" something...I know how devastating those negatives can be....


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Hi Melissa,

Lets try this again--my 3 year old doesn't like when I'm at the computer and she deleted my last reply.

I wish I could be encouraging. I had an emg in my right foot/calf and a single fiber emg in my face. yes, my face. The emg in the leg was not fun. I did manage to walk the 3 blocks downhill afterwards for the bus, but was very frazzled. I would take along a friend for moral support as well as the ride.

Good luck. I was advised to focus on something during the test for distraction.


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Hey Melissa,

Sounds like you have been quite busy with the docs and testing! Yikes!

I feel like for years it was like, nope you don't need anymore tests...and now I'm going through a whole bunch of them again too. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Is it like a 7 year itch thing or something?

I just wanted to send you some moral support for your tests.

If there is any question in your mind, take a cab. If you drive to l'hopital and end up feeling too sick to get back home TAKE A CAB home and then another day/time you can take a cab back and get your car.

Later alligator!


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The test can be uncomfortable. If the epinephrine surges from sustained pain set you off too much to drive, then a cab would be best. I'd rather have dental work than an EMG (you may recall I'm afraid of the dentist). Or as Teri would say if given the choice between public speaking and snakes..."I'll pet the snake, thanks." I don't mean to scare you, I just want you to be prepared for discomfort because they are actually poking a needle directly into the nerve.


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thanks all. not sure why i ask for advice when stubborn me is going to do my own thing anyway, but....thanks B)

i survived & while it was by no means fun it also wasn't the worst thing i've encountered over the years of poking & proddings. i paid for it last night though & am still now....i feel like i've been run over by a truck. but i drove no problem to & fro.

the doc that did the testing said that nothing too major showed up though a few slight abnormalities for whatever that's worth. fun fun. i'll talk with my own doc after the MRI gets done after New Years.

thanks again,

B) melissa

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