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Back from ER trip---what a waste

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Hi Folks,

What a wasted visit. First the nurse put in a IV port---drew a new CBC and RED count---then afterwards they have to flush it with saline---so they say---I got a horrible taste in my mouth---and then of course hyper-adrengic city. I can get the smell out of my nose---they had to flush it twice as the other blood test had to be done over----------------I don't know why I would get that taste. He told me some people complain that it tastes like a metallic taste------it was horrible.

Guess what----my white count is normal------------9,000---------the doc said that when I had the hyper adrengic attacks that when I was gagging/dry heaving from the excess adrenaline---that it put pressure on my spleen----and bingo---and elevated white count. Stress can also elevate the white count. As far as my abdomen pain---he didn't seem concerned----he felt my belly and said everything looked good. He listened to my chest---lungs ----BP was 148/78----so that was a bit high---but I was nervous---very nervous.

I have an absolute horrific fear of the ER. This is something I need to work out with Ken Davis---my therapist. I think it will be a good long time before I can go back.

All you guys are troopers---right now I am not---I have been though, but for some reason I feel a bit out of control with my fears. This is making my life more of a misery then the POTS and other health issues.

My mind seems to be like this mostly when the adrenaline is surging. There are two things that should NEVER happen in life to anyone------one is the hyper-adrengic spells---the other is constipation---LOL.

Wouldn't life be grand without feel like I?m getting away with something if I am able to fend off an attack----like I?ll pay for it later or something.

I hope Ken Davis can help me. The ironic thing is that I had an appointment with him for 7: 00pm tonight that I was looking forward to---then Grubb's office said go to the ER. I know they were only concerned and they should be as a high white blood count and abdominal pain isn't good----they did the right thing. I still have gut issue---i'll just have to watch them. Then it turned out I could have kept the appointment because we didn't go until 9:00pm after my husband?s class.

However---I'm very happy white count was good----I can't imagine needing more testing in the shape I?m in.

How did I get through all those tests in Chicago, Milwaukee, and New York ------I didn't have any problems---just a little spell in Chicago that passed----and I had the contrast dye---no problems---no panic. We went to a drug store in Chicago because I forgot hairspray---and even saw Lake Michigan.

Only those of you who have these hyperadrengic spells will ever know how it is--------I hope you are blessed with never having them again. When I don't have them for a long period of time---it's hard to remember how they are---and it's even hard for ME to relate fully when someone is having an attack. I just know that the person needs unconditional loving support---and soothed until they can exhale.

Take care,

Julie :0)

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I'm glad you are home safe and sound. I'm sure this was a scary event! I'm glad your WBC was back down...That's interesting that your WBC can change so much even depending on stress.

Hang in here, I know these are tough times.

Merry Christmas,


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There's a huge company that now makes saline flushes. There are no preservatives in it or anything, it's just sterile salt water, but for some reason some people get a funny taste. I can actually smell it before I taste it. It makes me think of really strong rubbing alcohol.

The staff at the hospital said about 80% of patients get the taste perversion from it. Pretty weird. Hope you feel better soon. morgan

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Guest Belinda

i am glad you made it through it..when they give me i.v. fluids i start uncontrollably shaking all over every time..must be the hyper adrenergic stuff..i can't stand it..then they think I am panicking..uhh..love that er too. But glad your okay.

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Guest Finrussak

as for the IV saline flush...Im guessing it may not be the fluid but maybe the TUBING????? As the fluid goes thru it can pick up whatever chemical is in these plastics...plus saline is a salt and can leach stuff out or react with materials.

I know some brands cause me more probs than others...and different taste sensations no matter the fluid going in. The only thing I found the same was the tubing!!! Id love to do an experiment proving this...

with all the horrors about plastic leaching chemicals, especially medical plastic and the plastics industry and drug companies all denying it too vehemently ( like tobacco years ago) I often wonder :(

Plus I cannot stand oxygen masks due to their plastic odor...after a few mintues it actually changes taste and smell even the cannulas are bad but bearable...if Id think we wouldnt get placed into the looney bin Id suggest we suck on the plastics to see if they "taste" anything like the awful sensation after injections???

then not to be paranoid but some hospitals have been caught sterilizing and reusing equipment made to be tossed...and the sterilization alters the plastics....hmmm

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julie -

i'm glad that you're "okay" - just in the regard that you know there's not a raging infection somewhere - but so sorry that the ER was rotten and largely unproductive.

i hope your appt with ken goes well....obviously it won't be a fix-all but i hope it's at least helpful.

hang in there...i know it's easier said than done,

B) melissa

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