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Finally a little brilliance in docs...

Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

Well I went to cardiac doc. todayhe takes one look at my results and says (holy***)no wonder you keep calling my office no wonder you feel so bad.

No kidding. Well anyways he is like you have to get into an autonomic specialist right away...lol

I was like a yeah in 6 mths.

So he is going to start treating me slowly til I can get into someone. Florinef is one option,he also gave me nitro for esophageal spasms,but is very weary about it because my bp is so irratic.

He just for once was so serious I think he was waiting for me to break down and cry.

Or maybe peeing his pants because their was truly something wrong.

So I am upping beta -blocker in hopes it doesn't drop my bp too low.

I just thought you would all get a kick out of it since I have been so desperate for a stinkin real diagnoses-and it is not all in my head.....THANK GOODNESS!!!!!

Now maybe they'll keep out psych consults in the ER, and actually beleive me.

Hugs to all. Belinda

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glad to hear you had a good visit. hopefully it's the start of movement in the right direction :)

one thought about the betablockers & lowering BP. to overcome that issue i take midodrine & mestinon; some others do the same. obviously something you'd have to talk about with your doc but something that might be worth putting on the table if the low BP gives you trouble.

:blink: melissa

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