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Exercise and POTS


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Hi, everyone!

I would like to work on conditioning my body, but many of the exercises that I try bring on my POTS symptoms. What sort of exercises have you found helpful? Also, are there specific exercises that you have noticed to be particularly difficult with your symptoms?

Personally, I haven't found an exercise that works very well yet. Things like machine bikes, stair climbers, upper body weights....all bring on symptoms for me. I would love to hear if any of you have some better ideas!!! Thanks!

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i have found that execising in apool is alot less stressful then exercising on land... as when your body is in the body it is lighter.. taking stress off the body.. and it is relaxing too..just be sure that the temp isnt too warm for you.. that you can handle the temp of the water..

I start water theraphy next week.. and am actually looking forward to it... I have a real hard time with any other form of exercise...as i just cant handle it..

I'm going into water theraphy for my leg pain.. and to strenghten my legs muscles and stuff like that..

on a good day I like to take a walk.. even if it is short.. i realize that that isnt like a real intensive kind of exercise.. but it still makes the body feel good if you dont over do it..though these days not alot of walking is happening...

So I am hoping to learn some exercisies that I can do laying down to keep my legs and arms from go to h@$l... and getting real flabby..

good luck.. i hope that you find something that works for you!

Oh yeah.. in reagards to pool stuff.. the PT's will get in the pool with you.. if you are uneasy in the water... and insurance typically will pay for it..you can go through your local hospital or rehab place or any where that has a pool..

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I do walk on a treadmill and try to get in 30 minutes a day in mornings and then at night I try to pedal 10 minutes on an exercycle. I find the recumbant kind of exercycle is better than one that has me sitting sraight upright. Also it takes me at least 30 minutes to pedal the 10 minutes. I pedal, then stop, rest, then pedal on, stop, rest, until I hit the 10 minute mark. This makes it more doable.

I also break up the treadmill walking with getting off and walking around my basement, then get back on the treadmill, then get off and walk around the basement, get back on.

Sometimes, I walk on the main floor of my house by setting the timer on the stove for 10 minutes and just walk all over the house over and over till the timer goes off. Then I can repeat for another 10 minutes later.

So I think one thing that works for me is to break up my exercise into smaller bits that are more managable. I read that there have been studies done that show that 3 10-minute walks is just as beneficial as one 30 minute walk.

I think we all should find the level of exercise that is sustainable for our own bodies and stay with that.

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I use a recumb bike. My cardio says the rowing maching is the best, so I am going to get one. Everytime I exercise, it brings on symptoms to a certain degree. Sometimes much worse than others. I just try to so what I can. I think it is well worth the effort. I used to only do 2 min, but now do 40 min. I am so much better than I was over the summer. I have days where I feel great now- with few symtoms, and am going to turn in my wheelchair. I think exercise and the beta blocker has made a huge difference. Jennifer TX

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I use a Total Gym and find it works best for me....

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I try to walk 15 min in morn and 15 min afternoon. I have a rowing machine and haven't beeb able to use it since all of this started. Rowing and swimming are the best exercise for those healthy folk, but maybe you could borrow or rent one till you see how your body reacts. (I get dizzy and pass out;-))

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hi shannon -

you'll come across some of what people have already mentioned in this post, but you may want to do a search as well as there have been a number of past discussions on the topic and you'll thus get some more detailed info on people's experiences.

originally during my "dysautonomic days" i was still able to be super active, i.e. varsity sports, triathlons, and the like. no longer the case for me as i actually need to use a wheelchair to go the the grocery store. uh, yeah. last summer i was in cardiac rehab and was able to do the recumbant bike - slowly but surely - as well as some weight while SEATED. i couldn't tolerate anything standing. at various times both swimming and pilates have been good for me as well. i've always been a fish and swimming has various benefits...it's flat & there's built-in compression (it's like wearing compression hose on your entire body) amongst other things. pilates floorwork is also flat, or at least most of it is, and is good when i'm not able to get out of my place safely (i.e. can't drive or get to/from pool or whatnot) but can do a few minutes of work on the floor. i don't particularly think about it but i also stretch a lot and i know that if i didn't my body would speak its mind. elastic stretch/therapy bands can also be good.

hope this helps...

:) melissa

a p.s. about rowing machines....

as a previous competitive rower, rowing IS an excellent full-body workout. definitely not just upper body as many think.

but....it is also done improperly by many (if not most) people who do it recreationally and can lead to major discomfort and injury so for anyone considering it please be careful and somehow get proper direction/instruction initially!

perhaps it's b/c of my prior competitiveness, but i also find it really difficult to row "lightly." but i also used to swim & while i have to remind myself have an easier time taking it down a notch (or five or ten) in the pool than on the rowing machine. part of the problem i find is that without a certain amount of power/momentum it's much more difficult to have the proper form on an erg. not an issue b/c of how it looks but b/c it really can bring on back injuries.

so...not wanting to scare anyone off...rowing is AWESOME...just wanted to share a bit of additional info. i do love it and hope to be able to get back on an erg myself one of these days. instead i'm living vicariously through my "little" (6'4") bro who's getting paid to row between classes.

happy rowing,

:) melissa

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