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Cleveland Area Gathering


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First a few disclaimers:

1. this is NOT going to happen in the next few weeks. but since i've mentioned to a few of you in passing i thought i'd at go ahead and post to get the interest going (if there is any)

2. this is NOT an official DINET event. i'm not planning on anything sketchy or whatnot but just wanted to clarify since i'm organizing and am also a moderator

those things said, i've been realizing for awhile now that there are a good number of forum members from the cleveland area. and i'd love to meet any/all of you. i know that we're at all different places in terms of what we can & can't do (driving, etc) but i'm hoping to give a gathering a shot....perhaps after the holidays? i know it can be hard to plan/predict things as well but if others are game i'm more than happy to organize. my thoughts are initially to try for one meeting and then we can always go from there if there's enough interest. i doubt i could do weekly but if folks are interested in monthly or every few months we could figure that out later. i'll also let those on the area meet others list know & get their input as well.

for those who are interested, a couple of questions:

1. best/preferred times &/or days

2. worst/impossible times &/or days

3. general locale (obviously there won't be a perfect area for all but if more live in a particular area then i want to be able to consider that)

4. type of meeting place preferred (meeting room, restaurant, residence, no preference, etc.)

5. anything else you think might be important for planning purposes

feel free to reply on the board or if you'd prefer to email or PM me.


B) melissa

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Hi Melissa,

Though I haven't been posting recently, I have been lurking B) . I would love to meet all/any of you--I'm sure Chrissy would love to also.

Weekends would probably be best for us..she has Fridays off of school for now, but I'm not sure what next semester brings. We live in Lake County, but it wouldn't bother me one bit to travel wherever. Whatever is most convenient for everyone else is fine with us. Mornings would not be good..hahaha, a restaurant would be fun, but we really wouldn't care. It would be great to just meet a lot of you!!! This is a great idea, I hope it can be pulled off. Let us know when and we'll be there!

Keep us posted!!!


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Guest Belinda

I would love to meet you guys, I am pretty much available anytime minus all the Dr. appts.ha-ha!

I live in Hinckley 20 min. south of Cleveland. So just let me know where I need to be and when.


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Guest Mary from OH


If you do the gathering on a weekend, I would love to come. My family and my husband's family are both from the Cleveland area. It would be a family event!! My husband, myself, and my daughter all have dysautonomias!! I think it would be fun to meet in a restaurant (maybe a buffet one so that we could sit and talk for a long time and they wouldn't mind!!). Or we could meet at the food court at a local mall? Sounds great to me!! Just let me know and if we're free, we'll be there!!


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YES YES YES! Both Rachel and I would love that. She would not be able to do it until after classes are done. I work a 12 hour shift on Tues - so that day is out for me ( I have to drive Rachel). I also work every other Sat (this Sat, Dec 3 is my off Sat). Early Jan is a pretty calm time for us - before school starts up again. We are in Cleveland Heights. Great idea.


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very cool...it's great to see all the interest. and i must say i'm impressed with those of you willing to travel :huh: i'm tentatively thinking that a saturday afternoon in january may be a possibility but will delve more into the planning once my papers are written.

looking forward to meeting you all,

:P melissa

p.s. corina - i wish you (and others) could join us too....we need some magic travel dust :P

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