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Autogenic Feedback Training Exercise

Guest Finrussak

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Guest Finrussak

I also found this: anyone know anything about it? Usefulness, efficacy, outcomes etc?

Apparently NASA used this feedback training for their space sick astronauts ( long space travel in zero gravity brings on sx similar to dysautonomias). This place claims to have used it successfully with earthbound dysautonomia pts. Boy, tonite is getting really weird!!!


Autogenic-Feedback Training Exercise: AFTE

A 6-hour training method used to teach voluntary control of physiological responses and normalize autonomic balance. Patented by NASA in 1997

Spaceflight research

Originally a countermeasure for space motion sickness, it was tested on 6 subjects before validation tests were cancelled.

Ground based research

reduces or eliminates Earth-based motion sickness (N=300)

improves pilot performance under emergency conditions

relieves nausea and syncope in dysautonomia patients

effective control of blood pressure (increases)

site: http://humanfactors.arc.nasa.gov/ihh/psych.../mir/page3.html

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No real idea... but I do know that there's a difference between being winded from a marathon and having asthma. So, I think there's a difference between having post-space-travel-sickness and an autonomic issue. In other words, I can't take this one on faith, but would be interested in seeing what happens if someone tries it with a POTS patient.

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Pretty interesting article. I am especially interested as I'm going to school for Human Factors, and currently muddling through an aviation class :huh:

Looking through the web site I did come across contact information for some of the researchers. Looks like Patricia Cowell is the head person. It might be worth sending her an email...


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Guest Finrussak

to be honest I am exhausted with proofing my daughter's pending 3 publications (!); my son's research proposal, and montioring my 16 yo's meds so if any of you find out anything further, Id be grateful if you keep us posted!!!

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Fin, I am way too tired and POTS brain fogged to understand the patent site. BUT how can somebody get a patent on Dx with Vanderbilt has been doing this for years along with NASA? And the Mayo clinic, NIH and Cleveland Clinic? i believe your findings but it is odd.

also I read somewhere today about something posted on NDRF years ago. Remember how little kids used to be (maybe still are) used to be put in these little jumper seats before they could walk? somebody invented a giant one for adults to use to help with autonomic problems and 'rebounding'. for folks who didn't have bad balance problems, little rebounding trampolines are said to be very good for helping get the ANS back in shape.

But do you think I can find the article I read earlier...I thought I bookmarked it but did not! Did you come across such info? I remember years ago we all laughed and laughed when some older woman mentioned it to help her little girl and she thought an "adult jumper seat" might be good for us... with ANS. Well, egg on our faces, ADULTS do it in NASA studies often.

Now if I thought it would work, I would invest in a rebounder as we have a tiny room we are turning into a gym and I could easily put a bar on the wall to hold onto while jumping.

Anybody here about this? Sorry to hijack your thread Fin but I am wondering, if they are patenting dx, has anybody patented treatment like the adult rebounding chair, attached to giant bungee cords??? It sounds like something that may make me motion sick so i am not sure what to think.

Sorry if I am rambling but maybe I will edit this tomorrow. I am PMS all over the place with estrogen brain fog and OI, too.

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