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psychiatrist says reactive depression


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If any of you follow my post you will know that I have problems with depression due to my illness. Well I was sick of feeling depressed and decided to make an appointment at the psychiatric hospital for evaluation and treatment. I felt it would help me and my family come to grips with my emotions.

Well after an hour evaluation they can't treat me for depression because they said I have reactive depression(had that dx before) and medication will just give me side effects without benifits. That the illness gets bad physically than I react emotionally.

This actually was very productive for me in realizing that I'm not clinically depressed.I'm just disappointment about my sudden illness and the psychiatrist said I am reacting like I should. Anyone would have some depression in mine (our) situation.

I'm just excited and feel knowing this is probally a normal reaction I might be able to handle it better next time I'm struck with some cloudy days.

I think illness is about major changes and it takes alot of time to get used to and the fact that I'm still crying and having mini pitty parties about why and how eventually will minimize after I just learn to accept and embrace the "new lifestyle"

Thanks to everyone on this site for being so courageous. You inspire me to embrace the present, smile about the past and hope for a better future.

Happy late Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!!!


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Did they treat it with meds? I think he didn't want to prescribe me anything because I react so badly and felt the side effects would be worse and their wouldn't be much benefit. He was going to try wellbutrin and than told me to just stick with my xanax.

Let me know because I'm open to learning if it helps.


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I'm glad to hear your depression is a normal reaction. I've wondered about this myself.

Most of the time, my family tells me to "bite my upper lip" when I begin to cry about being sick. I had an aunt who had rhumatoid arthritis and they always compare me to her saying "you know, Beverly never wallowed in her illness". I've been made to feel like I'm weak for being depressed about being sick.

Hearing that this is normal, that I am normal, makes me feel empowered. Thank you so much for posting on this.


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I used to do psychotherapy for reactive depression.

I don't want to start a debate on alternative medicine by I am a qualified homeopath also (4 years of studies in homeopathy + 12 years of practice) and I used to give homeopathic medication for depression and for many other physical and mental disorder.

You can email me personally if you want more information.

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