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POTS and pain


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I was diagnosed with TMJ about 11 years ago. I can have tachy in just about any position. I have even had just laying at rest.


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I have muscular pain every day--I've dislocated my jaw a number of times and have jaw spasms, neck and back pain and headaches. However, I also have Ehlers-Danlos, so my joints are all loose and my muscles pay the price.


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Guest Finrussak

I have the pains and aches you describe: due to the chronic infections attacking joints(directly and indirectly via an immune reaction); my DDs tells me every visit how he sees many of "us" Lymies with TMJ specifically...almost all of them with NO other predisposition or history ( like trauma) to explain it. Plus Dr Grubb has told me that my joint hypermobility had me MORE LIKELY than not as in "predisposed"...think of it as a weakness...plus the infections and now dysautonomia, which may have a familial tendency on top of the direct nervous system assault by the MTBI ...and it was a combined chain of events resulting in the pains, aches etc. (the TMJ probs did have one historical possibility in that I was among the first of a new braces regimen over 30 yrs ago of only a night brace and retainer...no train tracks on teeth...which is thought to have put undue pressure on the TM joint). The arthritis I have isnt exactly rheumatoid nor osteo...rather a mix of both symptomatically and in bloodwork. So, while it IS possible to have various sx as either cause or effect of the dysauto; only a really knowledgeable physician can sort it all out. I myself have had ( and continue to have albeit less frequently) the " its gotta be somthing else" feelings. Invariably my exams, blood work, cat scans, mris etc all end up NOT adding any more info so I retreat....for a short while.Call it a truce; partial acceptance...until another really good possibility comes along. ( which is why I never stop researching)


oh sorry...in a bit of herx/brain fog...I also have had many times tachy lying down and Dr Grbb and Beverly NOT surprised...explained that if neurochemicals are out of balance change in position will affect me but so will just lying or sitting there...that I may not realize it but my body could be reacting to a noise or touch or be startled or even some other thing...and the overblown reaction can then start my tachy which in efforts to correct things, it overdoes and , well...an episode...

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