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does anyone know whats wrong with me?


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I'm new to the board. I was wondering if anyone could help me.....I am just tired of feeling bad. I am 44 years old. I am a fairly well controlled type2 diabetic, I have had every heart test known to man (i suppose), but, I have constant problems with rapid heartrate, especially after meals.... as high as 165, lasting for 4-5 hours. My blood pressure tends to run lower than normal 98/58 or so, i am overweight, my total cholesterol is 99.

I have hotflashes, nightsweats and osteoporosis (complete hysterectomy/ovaries removed in 89) Shouldn't the symptoms of menopause be gone by now? Now the newest problem....strange as it is...when I exercise....or just play around with the kids, the back of my head hurts. After walkin a short distance, my calves hurt, crampy like pain. Hypochodria? Any input would be helpful. Thanks, AJCgranny

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hello & welcome. while many of the things you mention CAN be symptoms of a dysautonomia, there are many syndromes/diseases/disorders/etc. that have overlapping signs & symptoms. as frustrating & exhausting as it can be, often a lot of different testing must be done to really pinpoint the answer. this is something you definitely need to bring up with your doctor. i hope you get some answers & some relief soon...

;) melissa

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I'll give a "here, here" to what others have said. The symptoms you describe can be common in dysautomia, but overlap with many other problems. If your current doctor is not responsive, find another until you get a satisfactory answer to your problems.


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My advice would be to be patient - its extremely hard to not know what is wrong with you and to feel ordinary all the time while people around you see you as looking normal.

Doctors can be frustrating - many are under time constraints and dont have the time or inclination to do extensive testing to see what is wrong with their more diffucult patients. The answer of 'anxiety' or 'depression' is so much easier to medicate and chances are most patients improve on an anti depressant irrespective of whether that is actually the cause of their symptoms or not.

You need to find a doctor who is patient, open to alternative therapies and ideas and then start searching.

I used to have to beg some doctors to let me get tested - they kept on just sending me to endocrinologists who just told me i had 'anxiety' or 'chronic fatigue syndrome' and that there was nothing they could do.

I basically found POTS on the internet after a year of illness, asked my doctor to send me to a specialist and was diagnosed very quickly.

The diagnosis doesnt provide me with as much re-assurance as I would have expected, since they dont really understand the cause of the illness, the outlook for patients is extremely varied and the treatment protocol is also dependent on each patient.

I guess its the early stages of understanding these illnesses - some doctors now feel that all patients with CFS actually have varying degrees of POTS - so atleast they might be able to get a test out there that demonstrates the problem.

My advice would be to find what helps you yourself. Do the research yourself and dont be afraid to doctor swith until you find a test that gives you a result.

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I would just say those are signs of dysautonomia. I experience most of the symptoms you have, and I am diagnosed with only dysautonomia.

Sorry I can't help you more. You're doctor could probably give you a med for the teachycardia and pain.

Thanks so much for all the replies. I went back to the doctor today. He did order another test....which may address one of the issues. He says that he can't feel a good pulse in my foot or ankle on either side.....indicating possible blockage? I don't think he really got past that issue to deal with the other ones. I will just have to wait until this test is done and duly reported. Again, thanks to all that responded. AJC

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