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I went to the gym!


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I am so excited :D I just wanted to share my excitement with people who understand how big the small things can be :)

The exercise has made me a little sore today (but thats completely normal) and i slept in a extra hour (thats normal for me). I admit i only did about 40 steps on the stairs and 10 mins of jogging with a slight incline ... but its still a big deal for me. I tried a few years back but it use to make me too dizzy. Plus i walked about 2.5k to get to appointments (i admit i stopped half way along for juice and tea breaks).

I got a bit of a heavy heartbeat but i tried to make sure it didnt go too haywire and was lucky that this time it calmed down.

Just a question is it completely normal when you exercise to get the large banging heartbeat through your body and mostly feeling it in your chest and head?

Im just wondering as all my life i thought everyone got this when they exercised .... yet only this week i have thought maybe they dont. I only tend to get it if i exercise over longer time periods ... i can run 100m but not 200 kind of thing.

but yes i hope to become a regular gym buff now i dont have classes to save my energy for. Nina and the rest of you have inspired me! hehe

*big gold star and thank you to you all*

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Keep on plugging along! Yes, the pound in my chest and belly is intense, as is my head thumping...but I keep reminding myself I'm making a healthier future by pushing on.


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YEAH you go girl!

that is great that you were able to do that today!!

I would have to say yeah the banging in the chest and head..are normal.. when i exzert my self.. I get the all over body hard pulsing.. my head... chest..butt.. and feet.. and behind my eyeballs.. and the top and back of my head.. somethimes just rolling over or standing up casues that!!

Oh lordy!!

Congrats on your Victory today!!

Linda :D

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congrats evie -

i've been swimming (between ear infections ;) ) and can definitely share in your excitement. just listen to your body and make adjustments as needed...what you can/cannot do on any given day may change a lot, something that was (and still is) very tough for me to get used to after being a varsity athlete who used to have workouts/schedules planned out weeks & months in advance to do no matter what.

and yep, i have the forceful heartbeat too...more so when i do things on land than in the water, but to some degree always. i've had this as long as i could remember, even when i was doing army training years back, triathlons, etc and thus was in pretty darn good shape. i never realized it was anything but the norm b/c it's always been my norm.

thanks for letting us share your good news,

B) melissa

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Thanks for being happy for me guys B) i really appreciate the support.

Im getting wisdom teeth out in two weeks and i have my final exam on tuesday ... so after tuesday i will make sure i go to the gym and try different routines each day or second day and then after the wisdom teeth i am having my fingers crossed that i wont get CFS back (eek scary).

It feels so good to be able to do things without fainting ... heh ... im glad that you are all going well! swimming is great melissa, i cant handle the cholorine and its really annoying as i use to be a really good swimmer... i will have to go to the surf (beach) this summer i think :) so swim for me in the meantime! hehe

Sorry that you have to dodge ear infections ;)

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