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I too have Fibro and the two things that have most helped me is #1 Restorative Sleep (much easier said than done) and #2 Gentle isometric exercises.

thak you at all for the answers.

I have a question foro "poohbear". Do you have a porth a cath? When do you use the IV saline?

I have a porth a cath. But my doctor say me that is not necesary to put me IV saline all the times when I feel bad. Do you use all the time or when?

thank you

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Hi there :D

For me the best thing is massage. I need a massage at least once a week or the pain gets much tougher to deal with. Deep sleep also does wonders (as poohbear said) and also magnesium suppliments help or hot baths with epsom salts (has magnesium in it too). Magnesium can be tough on the stomach, its a bit of a juggle finding the tablet that suits you the best sometimes.

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No, I do not have a port for IV use. I have a pacemaker and my Dr and I decided the risk did not outweigh the benefit. The risk of infection increase with a port or PIC line; if it were to get infected it would go straight to the heart and the pacemaker leads would then have to come out which would be a much more serious issue.

I was using saline on a more regular basis but since my veins are not good we have stopped using saline routinely and are only using it for my exceptionally bad crashes.

I have increased my salt even more though to try to help retain fluid.

Oh, and I ditto what Evie said about massage....great help with Fibro.

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